“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’” Matthew 25:40

I’ve been thinking a lot about our older children lately.  As homeschooling parents, we pour our lives out for our children every day.  We are their parent, teacher, guidance counselor, coach, chauffeur, spiritual advisor, and so much more.  We labor with them through the teen years as they figure out what God has for them to do as adults.  Just about the time they settle into their adult role and become a precious friend to you and a positive example to the rest of the crew, they move away and/or get married.  For us, as for many of you, this has been a bittersweet time.

Our oldest daughter completed a nursing program, married a Christian police officer, and moved to Spokane, WA.  Our next oldest recently graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College and moved to Maryland to be a police officer.  Now, another son and his new bride are packing up to move to Cameroon, Africa to be missionaries with Teen Mission International. This is all positive Kingdom living, but it is so far away, where we cannot be there to support and help them.

These separations are hard, but we know that God is working out His plans.  Each of our children are touching lives that we never could.  They are serving Christ and others in ways we never would.  It is exciting!

But, there’s still that parent in me that want to be there.  I want to give them our extra couch and kitchen table; go to church with them; have them over for dinner with their friends; and babysit their children.

God has shown me that although I cannot do these things for these older children on a regular basis, He has others close to them who can.  They all have older adults in their lives who bless and encourage them.  These precious people love on our children in very practical, hands-on ways.

This has caused me to think and to pray for God to bring some young people into our lives that we can love on.  God has answered with two new friends.  One is a new Christian who lives locally and is in between college and a career.  The other is a young woman from New Jersey who just started an internship in our area.  Both of them enjoy spending time with a Christian family and sharing our lives together.

Here’s where you come in.  Whether you’re a young family or an older family, or some of everything, like us… pray that God will bring your family a young person to love on, listen to, and spend time with.  Be a blessing to someone else’s child.  It will prove to be a huge blessing to your family too!

                                                      For His Glory,

                                                            Regional Representative- Albany/Adirondacks & Hudson Valley