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What is PICC LEAH Services & Supports?

PICC LEAH is the special needs support ministry of Homeschool New York – LEAH and provides services, support and resources to LEAH member families who are homeschooling children with special learning needs.

What does PICC LEAH consider a child with special learning needs?

A child with special learning needs is a child who has a condition (labeled or not) that causes them to have a learning struggle. Struggles can be big or small, physical or mental, or a combination of any or all of these.

Who can access PICC LEAH Supports & Services?

PICC LEAH is accessible to any current HomeschoolNewYork – LEAH member family homeschooling a child with special learning needs in New York. We serve members who have children with a wide range of conditions (ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Blind – Vision Impaired, Dyslexia, Learning Disabled – Learning Differently, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hearing Impaired, Speech Delay, PDD-NOS, etc).

One ministry,
two access options:

PICC Services & Supports (PICC)

For students currently homeschooled under C.R. 100.10.

PICC Non-Eligible Student & Private Provider Support (PNSPPS)

For students who are below compulsory age (not yet officially homeschooled), graduated out, in public, private, parochial, or nonpublic school placement, parents or other non-homeschooled family members, and families specifically requesting private support for programs who are members of Homeschool New York – LEAH.

What resources are available through PICC Supports & Services?

Access to PICC Supports & Services requires a $75 Annual Access Fee. Programs, testing, and loan fees additional.

The PICC Lending Library

The PICC Lending Library contains a wide variety of special needs resources including therapy manuals, small therapy items, skills checklists, curriculum, reading programs, Skills Inventories & Tests, and other support resources which can be borrowed for a small fee.

PICC Confidential On-Line Facebook Group

The PICC Confidential Facebook Group is accessible to current Homeschool New York – LEAH members only. Its purpose is to provide LEAH members with 24/7 support including Special Education Notifications, regulatory issues, Homeschool reminders, warnings, helps, tips, resources, special needs Q&As, etc. A Homeschool New York – LEAH family can request the PICC Confidential Facebook Group link to join this group from the LEAH Special Needs Coordinator after they have paid the PICC Annual Access Fee

Intervention Programs

The Listening Program® by Advanced Brain Technologies

LEAH members may purchase The Listening Program®  access it through TLP Online (purchase of access through Advanced Brain Technologies required), or through the PICC LEAH Lending Library on a first come first serve basis. Families are encouraged to support PICC LEAH by making a suggested donation of $75 for PICC LEAH to support this ministry. Eligibility rules apply.

inTime® by Advanced Brain Technologies

LEAH members may purchase the inTime® program.  inTime® is a rhythm based listening therapy program with support activities.  Families are encouraged to support PICC LEAH by making a suggested non-deductible donation of $75 for PICC LEAH to support this ministry. *Eligibility rules apply.

Learning Ears® By Learning Ears, LLC

LEAH members may purchase the Learning Ears® Program, an ear-voice training program done in conjunction with The Listening Program®, for children with phonemic awareness, spelling/decoding, reading fluency, and comprehension problems. Eligibility rules apply.

The Movement Program by The Movement Program LTD

Neurodevelopmentally based movement program for ages 7 and up. This program targets beat competency and rhythm skills, bi-lateral integration, cross lateral development, visual motor skills, fine motor skills, calming and stress reduction, reflex integration, and body awareness / vestibular.

Oral Placement Therapy Programs by Talk Tools®

LEAH members can get support for Talk Tools® Oral Placement Therapy Programs for children with placement and/or movement deficits associated with speech sound errors and/or feeding difficulties.

Testing Services

  1. Test of Auditory and Visual Skills® (TAVS) TAVS is a formal norm referenced screening tool for assessing low level auditory and visual processing skills that are well understood to be vital for the higher development of phonological awareness, speech, reading, memory, attention and other areas. TAVS can help parents better understand the challenges that their students may be having within the classroom and then seek appropriate intervention(s) that can help their student(s).
  2. Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (TVPS)* – TVPS is a formal norm referenced test that assesses seven visual perceptual areas that are key for learning in the classroom.
  3. Test of Visual Motor Skills (TVMS) – TVMS is a formal norm referenced test that assesses how well students can coordinate visually guided fine-motor movements to copy a design while it is in sight, and it documents the types of errors that are made.
  4. Wide Range Aptitude Test (WRAT)* – WRAT is a formal norm referenced test that measures foundational academic skills and monitors fundamental reading, spelling, and math skills in students ages 5 and up and helps identify possible learning disabilities.
  5. Moyers Decoding Test (MDT)* The MDT assesses decoding of words and patterns at both the single and multi-syllable levels.
  6. Screener of Handwriting Proficiency (SHP)* The SHP provides detailed information including student scores versus expectation in memory, orientation, placement, and sentence for both manuscript and cursive handwriting.
  7. Oral Placement Screening & Assessment for Speech & Feeding Skills – These are designed to assist in determining if a child has placement and/or movement deficits associated with speech sound errors or feeding difficulties.
  8. Quick Mini-Evaluation of Sound Production (QSP) The QSP assesses specific sound errors in speech.

*Available Remotely.

Other Supports & Services:

Special Needs Homeschool

Phone, SKYPE, and Email Support

NY Special Needs Provider Database

 PICC LEAH maintains a database of homeschool friendly NY special-needs service providers.

Special Needs Workshops

Special Needs Workshops and Quarterly Support Meetings via ZOOM

How do you Access PICC Supports & Services?

PICC Supports & Services requires a $75 Annual Access Fee. Homeschool New York – LEAH members can access PICC LEAH Supports & Services through the Special Needs Coordinator.

If you are not a Homeschool New York – LEAH Member:

You can join by clicking the link below.  If you are a former member, you can rejoin by contacting the Regional Representative for your area of NY.

Former Members Rejoin

Pay PICC annual access fee by clicking here.

​We give you the tools to be a confident home educator!

Homeschool New York began in order to protect the God-given and constitutional rights to home educate in New York state, regardless of ones philosophy of education or religious affiliation, and to provide the necessary support for homeschool families.

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