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Click here to view Section 100.10 (Home Instruction) of the NYS Regulations (pdf form)

Regulation of home education in New York State falls under the jurisdiction of the State Education Department, the Commissioner of Education, and the Board of Regents. In 1988 after a series of court battles contesting the legality of home education, the Commissioner’s Regulations were amended with Section 100.10. The Regulations and other legal information pertinent to homeschoolers are provided on the New York State Education Department Home Instruction page. These regulations are a compromise at best, but have been beneficial in keeping legitimate home-educating parents out of court.

We have a free Regulatory and Informational Manual. In addition to listing the regulations and the FAQ, the manual contains forms, guidance, and other very helpful information to assist in satisfying New York’s regulations on home education.

Homeschool New York Manual

​We give you the tools to be a confident home educator!

Homeschool New York began in order to protect the God-given and constitutional rights to home educate in New York state, regardless of ones philosophy of education or religious affiliation, and to provide the necessary support for homeschool families.

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