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Lightlab Activity

In the next 12 months, Lightlabetc.com will be offering a monthly activity on the nature of light to go along with each chapter of the book, Lightlab, written by Suzanne Shera. These activities are additional to the

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Free Shipping with Tis the Season

The summer of 2022 has been good to us New Yorkers. Hopefully, your family has enjoyed plentiful days relaxing in the sun and embracing friends and family in parks and around campfires, as we have. My family has

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Why Homeschool?

Author: Mike SmithPublished in: Arizona Home Education JournalPublished on: Jun. 1, 2011Reprinted with permission As most parents and children are on their summer break, it’s inevitable that parents begin thinking about the next school year. Many are eagerly

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The Art of Color Study

The Art of Color Study are curated Art Appreciation resources showcasing Artists of Color, complete with biography & prints, that can be used in Art Education for students everywhere.  These picture studies bring Artists of Color to the

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Charlotte Mason City Living

Need help diversifying your home instruction?  Feel like Miss Mason’s philosophy isn’t inclusive enough or even possible for multicultural & urban families?  You’re not alone and Charlotte Mason City Living can be of help. Erika Alicea is a former public school

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My Father’s World

August is here! So are Days of Summer Savings with My Father’s World. Now through August 31, save up to 15% off complete homeschool curriculum packages. REMEMBER: Order processing and shipping times will increase dramatically later in

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Why Homeschool Another Year?

Author: Cam LeedahlPublished in: REACHing Up (newsletter)Published on: May. 1, 2005Reprinted with permission I had the most interesting phone call the other day. A mom called and challenged me to give her three reasons why she should keep

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Buffalo Urban Mission Partnership

Training Leaders for Kingdom Work

My Father’s World started with a missionary vision: the desire to see God’s Word translated into the heart languages of every people group on earth. David and Marie Hazell recognized the profound need for financing these projects

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Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, attend field trips, and participate in athletic activities and various other events.

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NYS LEAH is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) primarily supported by member families through annual dues. If you are interested in furthering the homeschooling mission in New York and would like to donate, please click on the link below. We’re eternally grateful for your partnership with and support of homeschooling families throughout New York. 

​We give you the tools to be a confident home educator!

Homeschool New York began in order to protect the God-given and constitutional rights to home educate in New York State, regardless of one’s philosophy of education or religious affiliation, and to provide necessary support for homeschool families.

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