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LEAH President 
Rob & Jen Snyder –

David Forrest 
(for bills, invoices, etc)

Special Needs Coordinator 
Mary Fratianni

Media & Communication

The Messenger (LEAH’s Quarterly Magazine)

Website Administrator- Rob Snyder

Regional Representatives
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LEAH Phone Number
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LEAH Directory- Commercial Solicitations and Product Publicity

LEAH receives a substantial number of solicitations and product samples from individuals and companies desiring that LEAH assist them in publicizing various products to the homeschool community (curricula, homeschooling aids, etc.).  All unsolicited samples are sent to LEAH at the sender’s risk.  Furthermore, LEAH regrets that it is generally not able to adequately review, publicize, and/or recommend products to its membership.

We do however offer a several methods to enable you to communicate to our membership.

  1. Advertising in our quarterly newsletter, The Messenger.  Please note that if you have a time-sensitive advertisement, you should carefully coordinate your advertising purchase with the Messenger Staff as we are not always able to meet our print and mailing schedule.
  2. Advertising in the program of one of our conferences: Downstate.
  3. Purchasing an Exhibit Hall booth at one of our conferences: Downstate.

Homeschooling Research

LEAH receives numerous requests from college students and other individuals desiring our assistance as they conduct research into various facets of homeschooling.  Unfortunately, we would literally wear out our membership if we were to routinely forward all such requests to our membership for survey and other research participation.  As such, LEAH deeply regrets that it is generally unable to assist in any homeschooling research.  Researchers interested in homeschooling research are encouraged to contact the National Home Education Research Institute.