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Struggling with Homeschool Frustration?  

Does your homeschool day often end up more frustrating than joyful? Is your child’s potential overshadowed by constant frustration and anger? We understand the challenges you’re facing. That’s why Vision Development of WNY is here to help!   We believe Optometric Vision Therapy could be the answer!   Join us for our

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A Message to Parents

I will never forget the day I met my daughter face to face. I had loved her long before then. I had prayed for her and over her since I’d learned of her coming. I had heard

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At Academia Bilingual Bridges, classes are taught online in a way that your children will never forget! They will become so absorbed that they won’t want the class to end! Call (240-764-9094) or send us an email (academiabilingualbridges@gmail.com) to

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Excellence for the Glory of God

Graduates of Houghton University and like-hearted Christian institutions find the world and the workplace saying more and more, we want your graduates’ skills and expertise, but not their Jesus. This places Houghton and Christian higher education at

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Your Faith Matters to Your Family

As I was reading through the story of Noah this morning, I had some interesting thoughts about the importance of a father’s faith and how it can bring blessing and protection to his entire family. Men, our

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Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, attend field trips, and participate in athletic activities and various other events.

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NYS LEAH is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) primarily supported by member families through annual dues. If you are interested in furthering the homeschooling mission in New York and would like to donate, please click on the link below. We’re eternally grateful for your partnership with and support of homeschooling families throughout New York. 

​We give you the tools to be a confident home educator!

Homeschool New York began in order to protect the God-given and constitutional rights to home educate in New York State, regardless of one’s philosophy of education or religious affiliation, and to provide necessary support for homeschool families.

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