Call for Help! Introducing the “HOMESCHOOLING IS A GIFT” Project…

A longstanding joke within our organization is that Legislative Day is like Christmas for Legislative Liaison, Michael Bailey. This year, we’re planning a Christmas theme for the event as a way to show our legislators how much home education means to us. We plan to set up a tree and decorate it with words and phrases that demonstrate how homeschooling is a gift.

That’s where YOU come in! Even if you can’t make it to Legislative Day (although we hope you can!), would you please take a moment to complete this thought? Homeschooling is a gift of ______________________. 

We imagine answers like freedom, Loving Education at Home, family, flexibility, safety, training, fun, joy, allowing kids to be kids, learning, watching them grow, acceptance, support, etc.

Simply decorate this template with your children to share what homeschooling means to you. Feel free to make it fun with paint, bows, stickers, etc! Then, please mail your “gifts” to the address in the Homeschool New York Minute by Tuesday, May 7 so we can ensure they’ll be displayed at Legislative Day.

Our hope is that this will be a fun way to represent the variety of reasons New York families choose to home educate. The visual display will be a testimony (and attention catcher) to the many people who pass by our group on May 23!

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