How Does Notgrass History Homeschool Curriculum Work?

Notgrass History provides a memorable learning experience for all learning styles with the convenience of a textbook and the richness of a unit study. Regardless of the approach to homeschooling—classical, Charlotte Mason, eclectic, or something else—Notgrass History helps parents and children reach their educational goals.

With Notgrass, parents don’t have to be a history expert to succeed. The curriculum provides easy-to-follow instructions to help parents give their children a high-quality education. And, parents tell us they love learning alongside their children!

Notgrass History helps students love history by combining:

  • A Christian worldview that upholds the Bible as God’s Word and honors Jesus as Savior of the world
  • Narrative lessons that are easy to read and understand
  • Hands-on activities and projects for a variety of learning styles
  • Primary source documents—real letters, songs, and stories from people who lived in the past
  • Historical novels and biographies that add richness and depth to the lessons

Parents can be confident teaching students from early elementary through high school. Notgrass courses build on each other as a child grows. However, parents can easily switch to Notgrass History after using any other curriculum because each of course is designed to be complete and to stand on its own. Parents can use the courses for each age group in any order they choose.

Learn more about Notgrass History homeschool curriculum.

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