Hey Dad,

How is your Christmas journey going? Have you ever noticed how kids always want to involve us in their fun? They want us to play the board game, watch the Christmas video, decorate the tree, and do other inconvenient stuff with them. I guess some things are just more fun with Dad involved.

I was reminded of this the other day as we were driving along a snowy stretch of Indiana road. It was the kind of winter day I like—cold and blustery. It was really our first good snow of the season, and I was basking in the holiday feeling of crunching snow, bitterly cold, clean air, and the thought of a hot, chocolaty-warm house.

The kids were enchanted (you gotta like that word) by the swirling snow, and I knew they were hoping it would never stop…EVER!

That is when Ike’s loud, squeaky voice came like a slick patch of ice, slamming my winter thoughts into a cold snow \bank, “Hey, maybe when we get home, DAD can have a snow fight with us!”

Warm fuzzies, gone. “Why does this have to involve me?” I thought disgustedly. Fortunately, they forgot about the snow fight, and I was off the hook. Score one for Dad. But even as I record my victory…I feel like I lost.

It could have been fun. They would have laughed and loved it. I would have been miserably cold, probably injured, and gotten angry…but I would have loved it as well. But, it never happened…because I did not make it happen.

Even now, my two youngest boys are playing out in the snow on our little hill. I just checked on them and watched Abe (4) tumble upside down and Ike (6) slide backwards on a snowboard. You know, I should go out there and play with them for a few minutes. Yeah, I should…I mean it…. They would like it…I would like it… yeah, I should do that…maybe later… no, now…yeah, I should.

While I argue with myself, let me ask you a question. Dad, “What should you be doing with your children tonight?” You might play out in the snow (if you have snow), go surfing (if you have surf), take them to do their Christmas shopping, or watch their favorite Christmas video with them. It might be as simple and as messy as making hot chocolate and talking about your favorite Christmas traditions. Whatever it is that you know you should do…do not argue, just do it.

You will be glad you did. You ‘da dad!

Todd Wilson heads up Familyman Ministries. His mission is to remind dads of what is most important. He is the author of Help I’m married to a Homeschooling Mom, 365 Day Dad, and The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons. He is a blogger and speaker, and he enjoys traveling in his RV with his family. He and his supportive wife, Debbie, have eight children. You can find more information about his ministry at familymanweb.com.

All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission. Taken from the December 12th devotional on p.352 of 365 Day Dad.