Thanksgiving continues to be a favorite time of year for our family, full of vibrant colors, cool nights, and the smell of apples filling our home.  It has also become a time of reflection for the things we sometimes take for granted, the things we no longer remember to give thanks for.  In God’s infinite wisdom He has offered us much guidance through His word.  Most recently we were inspired by Ecclesiastes 5:18-20.  In these verses King Solomon offers great wisdom for what he has seen to be good in this world.  It is good for people to eat.  It is good for people to drink.  It is good to work and labor in the sun.  In whatever we do or whoever we are, it is good to enjoy ALL aspects of our lives in the time God has granted us here on Earth.

We may receive wealth, good health, or professional success but the idea of truly enjoying your lot in life, the place God has ordained you to be, that is a true gift worthy of being thankful for.  When we view life this way there is no longer a need to dwell on the past, what could have been, or the things you never accomplished.  Once you begin to understand and embrace God’s plan for your future you will begin building a true foundation for lasting joy and a heart full of thankfulness.

We pray you will take a moment now to simply reflect and be glad for what you already have, truly embracing all God has blessed you with in life.  Trust Him, believe in Him, and give thanks to Him for every breath taken doing what you were made to do.  This is the heart of Thanksgiving.

Serving Him with a joy-filled heart,

Jeremy & Seanna Shugars
Media & Communication Director