IMG_9500This was my first response to Krista’s question to me, “I think we should Homeschool”. Why would we want to do that, I blurted out? Little did I know that this was the most profound and impactful decision she would ever ask me to make.

As a young parent I had never stopped to consider the thought of keeping our children home. We were both public schooled and we seemed to turn out OK right? As I pondered the question we began to discuss our oldest daughter’s 45-minute bus ride and all the “new” things she was learning on it at the age of six. At the same time we saw a change in her personality and bearing that we had not created or endorsed. It was these things and some honest retrospect into our own public school experience that finally prompted me to say yes, somewhat reluctantly I must admit.

And so began our Homeschool journey. At first I was the ever typical absent Homeschool Dad. I did not encourage Krista in what she was doing, I simply didn’t say no. As time went on and the fruits of her not so insignificant labor began to bear I remember the awe I felt in her insight. I came to live in the knowledge that we were actively participating in our children’s lives and their instruction. More importantly we were able to maintain their innocence and begin to instill in them a respect and a love of learning and most importantly a knowledge of our Savior without competing so directly with our worldly culture.

In the end her desire to Homeschool has transformed our family into a loving and nurturing unit focused on living an upright and Godly life in the ever present darkness of this world. This journey has also offered us the opportunity to meet and share our lifestyle with some wonderful and godly people, many of which have become out closest friends and mentors.

As a parent I encourage anyone considering Homeschooling to take a leap of faith. Men, trust your wives, God will honor your commitment. He has called us to educate our children and to love them, as they are his gifts to us! If you are already Homeschooling you will be blessed for your efforts.


Standing Corrected,

Chapter Leader
Advisory Committee