IMG_9450(2)Welcome, everyone, to our first blog on our revamped website!

The word I have from the Lord this year was “relationship, relationship, relationship.”  As I’m getting “more mature” (older), I am seeing the incredible value of the relationships in my life.  The relationships I have with my God, my wife, my children and my grandchildren. Also important are my relationship s within the homeschool community and the local church.

Communication is a key component in the building of these relationships.

Thus, we are turning a corner in LEAH. We have redesigned our website making it very informative, user friendly and intentional in bringing fresh, useful information! We are also using Facebook and now the blog. Take advantage of these great tools!

Having said that, nothing beats face to face, heart to heart interactions; join us for the Downstate Convention in March and Upstate Conference in May. I look forward to seeing you there!