Homeschool Freedom’s 2023 Academic Achievement Study

Homeschooling Works! Join Our Study to Help Defend Homeschool Freedom!


We’ve all heard that homeschool students test, on average, higher than their public school peers. But did you know this data is more than 30 years old?

We continue to see increasing attacks on homeschooling and our freedom. Quality research is a powerful tool of protection, and you have the opportunity to help defend homeschool freedom by contributing to a new multistate research study! This nationwide study will collect current data to continue the important work of defending homeschool freedom.

Homeschool Freedom is partnering with National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), BJU Press Homeschool, and numerous state homeschool organizations (Homeschool New York included) to conduct a research project that will provide new and helpful information to homeschool families, homeschool support organizations, policymakers, and the general public.

Your participation will allow all homeschoolers to showcase the success of homeschool students to legislators nationwide. All data collected is ANONYMOUS. Participation in this study is optional. The greater the participation, the more valuable and compelling the study results will be!


National Home Education & Research Institute (NHERI) is a trusted and longstanding leading research group that has served state homeschool organizations across the nation, homeschool families, scholars, the media, courts, policymakers, and the general public for over 32 years. NHERI will collect data for analysis and summary through a brief anonymous survey. No student’s or family’s personally identifying information will be released to NHERI. Your responses will be kept confidential. Names will not be used in reports or publications for any individual state study or multistate study. Research reports based on the data may then be presented to outlets such as homeschool organizations’ websites, legislators, policymakers, the homeschool community, or scholarly journals.

BJU Press Homeschool will create reports provided to NHERI with student score data identified by an assigned student ID number only. Any such reports will contain student ID numbers but will have no personally identifying information for the students or families. (BJU Press Homeschool maintains their customer files, including student IDs and test scores, as part of their regular operation whether you test with them individually or in conjunction with a homeschool support group or state homeschool organization.)

By completing the Research Agreement & Survey and providing your student’s ID number from BJU Press Homeschool, you are agreeing to allow BJU Press Homeschool to work with NHERI to create group reports that will be used for blind studies. The survey only takes five to ten minutes to complete per student. Participants should plan to complete the survey after receiving their student’s testing ID number and before their student takes their test. Only families who complete the anonymous survey and include their student’s ID number will be included in the BJU Press Homeschool reports provided to NHERI.

Participation is open between now and July 1, 2023!

Step One: Make a Testing Plan
Choose your dates and your type of test (online vs. paper). Visit this blog post for test dates and ordering instructions.

Step Two: Order Your Test
Call BJU directly at (800) 845-5731 to order your tests. To receive a 10% discount, indicate when scheduling and ordering that you are testing with NYS LEAH and provide our School ID (located in The Homeschool New York Minute emails).

Homeschool New York Members: Set up your account on BJU Homeschool’s Parent Portal using Homeschool New York’s link and ID number (located in The Homeschool New York Minute).

Nonmembers: Any homeschool parent can order testing through PJU Press and participate in the Academic Achievement Study. Simply set up an account with BJU Press at and order either paper/pencil or online tests. After setting up your account, apply to become a testing administrator for paper/pencil testing only (high school diploma or college). If you would like to join Homeschool New York, click here.

Click here for more information on ordering your test.

Step Three: Take the Survey
After assessments are purchased, each of your children will be assigned a 10-digit ID number. You will receive an email with a 10-digit ID number for each child you’ve purchased a test for.

Revisit THIS WEBPAGE to fill out the informed consent link (to be uploaded soon) and survey for each participating child before testing is complete. Surveys returned after testing will not be included in the study.

Thank you for your willingness to join in this critical research to support homeschool freedom for the next generation!


Q: Could you summarize the study?
This is a collaborative nationwide research study that will collect current data measuring homeschool student academic success. Its results will help to defend homeschooling freedoms both now and in the future!

Q: Why is this study so important?
The last nationwide study providing much of the information we all use to defend our homeschool freedoms, such as “homeschoolers, on average, test higher than their public school peers,” was done more than thirty years ago! Nationwide, we continue to see increasing attacks on homeschooling and our freedoms. Quality research is a powerful tool in protecting homeschool freedom.

Q: How do I participate?
Order your standardized tests through BJU Press (see directions above), and fill out the informed consent link and survey (soon to be uploaded to this webpage) before testing your students.

Q: Do I have to test through BJU?
Currently, BJU Press Homeschool is the only vendor with the infrastructure in place needed for the 2023 Academic Achievement Study. Other vendors are welcome to participate, but they will need sufficient time to implement code changes and processes to get the testing results to NHERI blindly. This takes time and budget. Talking with other vendors for the 2023 study is possible, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll have the budgetary and staffing resources to implement this in time for spring ordering.

Q: Which standardized test is being used for the study?
NHERI is able to apply their model to any nationally normed standardized test. Ideally, participants would utilize either the IOWA Form E or the IOWA Form E with CoGat. The IOWA Form E was last normed in 2017 and will continue to be produced for the foreseeable future.

Q: Can I use a test other than the IOWA form E?
Yes, however, if you’re wanting to use something other than the IOWA Form E or Stanford-10, the vendor must have the infrastructure in place to get the testing results to NHERI blindly and assign a ten-digit number to each student to then get back to you. Additionally, the standardized test must be nationally normed.

Q: Can my student submit their ACT, SAT, or CLT scores?
No, college admission tests are not included in this study.

Q: Which age groups / grades can participate?
The 2023 Academic Achievement Study is for K-12 students.

Q: Will my child’s information remain confidential?
Absolutely. All student identifying information is confidential.

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