10% Off standardized testing with BJU Press!

Homeschool New York members qualify for a 10% discount on Iowa Assessments ordered through BJU Press from January 1 – December 31, 2023!

Any parent can set up an account with BJU Press at www.bjupresshomeschool.com and order either paper/pencil or online tests. After setting up your account, apply to become a testing administrator for paper/pencil testing only (high school diploma or college).

Homeschool New York members are eligible to receive 10% off Iowa Assessments ordered through BJU Press. Click here to join Homeschool New York, then follow the below instructions to claim your discount!

Placing Orders Online:

  • Visit the Parent Portal to order tests online using Homeschool New York’s School ID Code (located in the Homeschool New York Minute emails).
  • Sign In or Create an Account.
  • Once signed in, you can easily access the items you need. Items are displayed based on what your group recommends. Most common is the online Iowa Assessments Form E (or Iowa Assessments Form E and CogAT Form 7 for paper tests). CogAT is optional, but the item number is the same for all paper tests.
  • Select items and quantities for each grade needed.
  • Check out.
  • Follow the steps outlined in the check-out process, including choosing an address and adding student information.
  • Enter in remote proctor information and choose test date and time.
  • Sign Online Testing User Agreement.
  • Submit payment information.

Placing Orders by Phone:

Call 1.800.845.5731 to order over the phone. Please ask to be connected to the Testing and Evaluation Department, mention that you are a member of NYS LEAH, and provide our School ID (located in The Homeschool New York Minute emails).



Online tests must be purchased at least 14 days before the test date.


Online testing prices are the current prices at the time of order submission. 

Designated Online Testing Schedule:

Online testing will follow a designated schedule assigned to the group that is separate from the public and other organizations. Homeschool New York’s agreement applies to the spring norm period (March 1 – July 31, 2023). 

Online Test Cancellation:

Purchaser can cancel online test up to 14 days before the stated test date without penalty. (See Online Testing User Agreement.)


Purchaser can reschedule online testing up to 3 business days before the test date (fees may apply).

Test Administrator:

BJU Press T&E will provide Test Administrators for online testing.

Remote Proctor:

  • Purchaser will provide an on–site proctor during test.
  • An adult proctor must be present in the room with the student while testing. No special qualifications are needed.
  • See Online Testing User Agreement Guidelines.


Accommodations and out-of-level testing are unavailable for Iowa Assessments TM Form E online.



Paper testing prices are the current prices at the time of order submission.


  • Test dates (postmarked) January 1 – December 31, 2023
  • Purchaser places order at least 3 weeks before the test date.


• Purchasers will place all paper testing orders through the Parent Portal.

• Your window for ordering began on October 19. If you need the test(s) in less than 10 business days, we may require rush shipping charges.
• Large orders should be listed with test dates separated by one day (March 5, March 6, etc.) for paper/pencil tests. This allows all tests in an order to appear in the My Tests view and makes it easier to search for a specific day and see a smaller set of students.
• One direction book automatically accompanies each order. Extra directions should be ordered during the initial ordering process. Extra directions ordered at a later date will be subject to shipping/handling fees.
• Late orders will require a test administrator from your list of approved test administrators.

Test Administrator:

• New test administrators need to be approved and active by BJU Press Testing & Evaluation.

• Former test administrators need to have their Test Administrator Profile status updated each year.

• As a test administrator, you should choose the option to test for others under the Contact Preferences. You also need to mark your Address Privacy setting as needed. If it is marked as Private, you need to click on the Change Privacy button to change their Address Privacy to Limited or Public and then save their changes.


  • Accommodations used must meet the Publisher’s guidelines.
  • All accommodations must be documented on the Student Roster.

Before Testing:

  • As the test administrator, please inspect the materials immediately upon receiving them and note any problems, such as torn packages, water damage, or marked/circled answers.
  • If shipping damage has occurred, please let us know right away so we can send replacement materials and submit a shipping claim. Test administrators should return damaged packages and materials to the BJU Press Testing office to aid in the claims process.

During Testing:

  • Each test administrator is responsible to be sure each student writes his or her name on the inside page of the answer document.
  • The test administrator is also responsible to see that the CogAT® Form 7 is bubbled on the third page. Even if the students are not taking the CogAT®, Form 7 should be bubbled.
  • Special Accommodations require a professional diagnosis, e.g. IEP or report from a child psychologist or pediatrician to document the disability. The test administrator may call BJU Press Testing with any questions.
  • The test administrator is responsible for the condition of test materials, he is urged to see that there is no writing in the books and no food or drink near the books. Test administrators also need to stress that scrap paper used for math (or doodling after the test) should not be placed directly on booklet pages when writing, as this can cause indentations. This helps to avoid damage or replacement fees.

Returning Materials:

  • Please send the materials back as soon as you have completed testing. Paper tests should be postmarked for return to our office by July 31 to receive Spring Norms and to be included in group reporting for NYS LEAH.
  • Please keep each of the shipments separate and return them to us in their individual packages or use dividers between them. If you pack several in a box, please keep them in their respective packages. This is better than separating books from documents.
  • Test administrators should arrange the answer sheets in the order listed on the Student Roster.
  • Each shipment includes a Student Roster listing the student name(s) and two spaces for test administrator signatures. This should be returned to BJU Press Testing & Evaluation. If there are more test administrators, their information can be added on the back of the page or attached on a separate sheet.
  • Please fill in any incomplete information for the students in that shipment on the original Student Roster. We would like only one copy of the Student Roster per shipment. You did great last year!
  • If some students’ materials have to be held and returned later, please keep a copy of that Student Roster to send with later tests, including a signature from the test administrators involved in testing these students.
  • Please ship the materials via UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority Mail. UPS and FedEx automatically insure up to $100; USPS Priority Mail insures up to $50. Additional insurance should be added when the total value of the package exceeds $100.


Creation of Reports:

BJU Press T&E will provide the following reports: 

Individual student

  • Student Profile Narrative
  • Individual Performance Profile


  • Group Performance Profile
  • List of Student Scores

Timeline for Reports:


  • Online available within 7 business days of test completion
  • Paper/pencil available within 10–20 business days of materials arriving at BJU Press T&E home office

Group report within 15 business days of end of norm period or otherwise stated completion of testing, if following conditions are met:

  • Online testing completed
  • Paper/pencil materials received for scoring

To participate in Homeschool Freedom’s Academic Achievement Study, follow these steps:

  • After assessments are purchased, each of your children will be assigned a 10-digit ID number. Use the below PDF to find the 10-digit ID number for each child you’ve purchased a test for.
  • Fill out this survey for each participating child before testing is complete. It should take 5-10 minutes per child.
  • Surveys returned after testing will not be included in the study.

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