I procrastinate.  It’s what I do best.  My husband will tell you it’s paralysis by analysis.  I left this post until it was due.  There, I confess.  However, I could have only written it 4 days ago…  I had the ladies from our chapter over for tea.  We were going to share a meal together.  The house was clean (well kinda – there was clean laundry on my bed and we all have a “dungeon,” right?), the shopping was done, and all was well on plan.  God interrupted my “Marthaness” when He told me to answer an out of area phone call.  It was our dear friends from Virginia asking to crash our party!  I foolishly tried to just chat in the kitchen while finishing up the food prep. Finally, I ignored that effort; my guests did not stop by to watch me cook.  As everyone else arrived, we rejoiced in seeing our old friend!  However, my guests did not come to see me or even just each other.

After our friends left, I realized in a moment of dread that dinner was not exactly ready.  So, we finished the preparing together.  It was a beautiful thing to experience the help of those around you.  They did not come for the presentation or even the food itself though.  I had wanted to show them our newly remodeled kitchen too, but not a one of us spoke of the kitchen!  They had not come to see our home either.

Here’s the big one:  (wait for it…) all of us homeschooling moms not ONCE spoke about (insert drum roll here) curriculum!  Ok, that’s not completely true.  I think one of us asked another if they could borrow a book or something- you knew it was too good to be true anyway.  We did talk about recipes, and summer plans, loved ones, grief, blessings, and all manner of silliness.  We did not come together to speak about homeschooling though or have good conversation.

Right about here is where one of us got a call that a family member had committed suicide. Coincidentally, in the last six months our co-op coordinators lost her mother, and aunt, his 2 uncles, and his 2 cousins who were all raised together like brothers.  Only weeks prior, our new chapter leaders lost her brother- he was killed while in prison. Digest that for me. Now pray for them, please?  And yet we did not come together because of grief.

Earlier we had agreed to spend part of the evening in prayer.  God had known when that time would be.  There it is. The reason we come together.  It was not for a speaker or visitor, a house, food or tea (even though I lost count on how many pots we made), good conversation, homeschooling, our denominations, or just as moms… the list goes on and on by the way.  We came together because of Jesus.  We came together as the Body of Christ.  We came together to commune with our Father and Comforter and Brother.  We came together because God never intended for us to be alone. We came together and God was with us.

This is the purpose of LEAH.  While we are not a church, we are the body. We are not a school, but we school at home.  LEAH ultimately is a group of people in our lives who agree to glorify His name in what we do- home school.   Let us not even gather together for a field trip with our children without glorifying Him!  Many scriptures come to mind to support this, and I thank God for making them real to us in such a tangible way. I yearn for the day I will commune with my God, and worship my Savior with my sisters in heaven forever.  Amen?


With much love,

Krista Hartman
LEAH Board