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Parents Instructing Challenged Children (PICC) Supports & Services began offering a variety of intervention programs to Homeschool New York / LEAH members back in 2010. These programs address a wide variety of learning struggles, including (but not limited to) focus/attention; sensory, auditory, and visual processing; speech/language; executive function; gross and fine motor coordination; spelling/decoding; and reading fluency.  These programs cannot be accessed through local school district services or even, in some cases, through local private providers. PICC programs are neurodevelopmentally based, science backed, and can be done at home in as little as fifteen minutes each day! 

Below is a small sample of parent feedback on PICC programs. Initials are used for privacy.

2022 The Listening Program with Learning Ears (TLP/LE) / Dyslexia Age 15

I was very happy with the service and support I received through PICC Supports & Services! Mary really cares to see your child succeed and grow in his/her skills. She is great at keeping you accountable and making sure you are on task. I was happy with the flexibility in the program as it was delivered to my student. I think what helped my son the most was the consistency that you needed to have for the program be successful. Also, he really enjoyed the classical music (he never would have listened to that before the program).  My son now reads with more enthusiasm and expression. I would recommend these programs and PICC Supports & Services to other families.  K.T. 

2021 The Listening Program / ASD Age 15

My homeschool journey began in the summer of 2019, and, shortly thereafter, I began using TLP with the support and guidance of Mary Fratianni. Mary is super helpful and generous with her time and knowledge. I continue to pray to God for guidance to support my son’s healing. I feel led to continue to use TLP for my now fifteen-year-old son, as I have seen great victories for him, especially over these past few months. Although I have made many changes to my son’s curriculum as he has improved, I have chosen to continue TLP, as I do feel that it is a good continuing support for him. My son’s greatest gains are in self-control and behavior regulation, as well as greater focus, which makes learning more productive. Believe and keep the faith because it’s never too late to see victories. All things are possible with God.  A.M.

2019  – The Listening Program (TLP) / Autism Age 5:

HUGE improvement in my child’s ability to acknowledge his peers’ emotions, as well as in his desire to engage in play with someone new. My niece was very upset and was crying because my child would not play with her. Instead, he wanted to unwind and have some alone time. He went up to her and asked, “Are you okay?” Then, he gave her a hug and went to wipe her tears away! She told him why she was sad, and he told her, “It’s okay, just take a deep breath.” I almost passed out when he said that because he NEVER used to acknowledge anyone else’s hurt, sadness, pain, etc. Yesterday, my friend’s eight-year-old son came over for the first time. My child went outside, grabbed his hand, and said, “Come on, you want to play with me?” AGAIN, my jaw dropped to the floor when I witnessed this taking place. Thank You, JESUS – and TLP! N.R.

2015 The Listening Program (TLP) with Learning Ears – Autism / Dyslexia – Age 11

We used TLP and LE with our eleven-year-old twins. Both boys are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and one is also Dyslexic. The change and growth in my boys over the twenty weeks was amazing. Some areas where we’ve seen the most growth are socialization, verbal expression, reading fluency, ability to follow directions, and communication skills. Both boys have had many positive changes, and it is wonderful to see their sense of humor develop and their ability to stay on task improve. The boys are more mature and have less stress and frustration with changes in schedule and routine. Changes don’t happen overnight, and consistency is very important. TLP is a long-term commitment but well worth the effort! E.S.

The Listening Program (TLP) – Auditory Processing Disorder

The Listening Program has helped us for many years now. We got one-on-one support from the moment we started, and we continue to get one-on-one support today. From the moment we first put those headphones on our daughter, we noticed a real difference in her behavior. We have used TLP once a year now at different levels and find it really helps our daughter focus and learn to think through her problem areas. Mary, thank you for giving of yourself through all of this, as well. You are a blessing to us and an inspiration and guide for others to lean on when life gets hard. Your knowledge and expertise in the area of special needs is abundant. Thank you for caring for our children and helping us thorough the hard times. Thank you for all you do. In Jesus, T. L.

January 2024 – TLP Spectrum with Learning Ears – Age 6

We are so very thankful to have found PICC through LEAH! What a difference the TLP and Learning Ears program has made in our son! Ever since our son was born, we knew he had some challenges. From sensory issues to hearing issues, etc., we struggled. Once school started, our issues became unbearable. Our whole family was suffering greatly, and each day was a struggle. 

I am so, so thankful for Mary and the help in this program! I cannot say enough good things about it! It is a commitment, but it is SO WORTH IT!  We went from being unable to focus for 10 minutes in schooling to being able to focus for 30 minute sessions. We went from zero ability to read and retain any reading skills to reading short books with great vocal expression. He had many OCD tics to get through what little schooling we were able to accomplish, and now those tics have either disappeared or have become very minimal. Academically, it has been a 100% improvement!  

Not only academically has there been improvement, but we went from him being unable to wear socks and put on boots or shoes to this past week, for the first time, being able to wear normal everyday socks! He struggled with being hugged; noises like vacuums and fans bothered him. He struggled with understanding humor, rhythm, and rhyming. And, his sleep habits were terrible. In all these things, we have seen remarkable improvement! 

We have gained a better understanding of him, and we as a family are so thankful for the change we have been through! C. F.

For more information on PICC Supports & Services and all the ministry has to offer, please go to www.leah.org and click on the “Special Needs” tab.

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