How to Earn College Credit in High School (for less) 

Choosing to give your child the best education, values, and preparation for the future is an important, but sometimes challenging, responsibility. Fortunately, if your student is in their junior or senior year, you can enroll them in early college courses to help them earn college credits. 

Why early college? 

When so much of the world today pressures students to grow up too fast, why would you push your child to begin college while still in high school? Early college credit is typically offered at costs far lower than regular tuition at most institutions. Those early college courses give your child experience in what college-level coursework looks like, preparing them to excel after high school. Those college credits also allow your child to finish college faster, saving time and money, by transferring them into their four-year degree. In addition, those early college courses may also count towards the completion of high school requirements. 

Steps to Choosing the Right Early College Experience 

To get the full benefit of early college for your child, there are several important steps to follow: 

1.       Choose the right early college program – Many institutions offer the option for early college, but not all are created equally. You want to find Here are a few questions to ask when comparing early college programs: 

·         What will this program cost my family? Are there hidden fees? 

·         What kind of courses are available in the program? 

·         What is the length of the course (How long will it take?) 

·         Will my child receive the care and attention from expert professors the same as a college-age student? 

·         Will my child’s beliefs be encouraged? 

·         Is this institution accredited and will my child’s earned credits transfer to other colleges and universities? 

2.       Select the right courses – There are plenty of criteria to choosing the best courses for your child. Here are just a few tips on getting the most out of your investment: 

·         Take a look at any general education requirements for your child’s current top-choice four-year degree programs. Look for courses that would fulfill requirements at multiple institutions. 

·         Take a look at the list of faculty teaching at the school. Look for individuals who share your values and bring the best knowledge of their field to the classroom. 

3.       Pay attention to registration deadlines – Most schools require a registration form or application to begin taking early college courses. Be sure to note any deadlines so that you can make your course selections before classes fill up. 

Our recommendation 

Houghton University is a Christ-centered, nationally recognized university in Western New York offering fully online courses for early college students at a surprisingly affordable cost. For only $60/credit hour ($180/3-credit course), students gain access to an extensive selection of courses, including Intro to Christianity, Writing 101, Financial Accounting, and Drone Pilot Training, and there are no additional or hidden fees. All courses are taught by dedicated and experienced educators who integrate their Christian faith with outstanding scholarship and who are experts in their field. 

New courses begin every 8 weeks. Visit Houghton’s website to choose your course, register, and begin earning college credit. 

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