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We hope the end of your school year is concluding successfully. By this time of the year, you are likely doing one or more of the following:

  • Trying to cover just a few more pages or a couple more chapters
  • Preparing a portfolio and getting ready for your evaluation interview
  • Participating in end of year programs
  • Contemplating summer plans
  • Planning for the next school year

This is also a time to reflect on what worked well in the past year and what needs to be adjusted for the next one. I am doing the same with and with the science classes I taught in 2021-2022.

Besides having the pleasure of teaching Physics for the third year at Claritas Classical Academy, I was able to delve deeply into Astronomy, Color Theory, and Climate Change. This happened through a series of invitations from different Christian institutions that wanted me to offer their students more STEM education. There were also some Lightlab engagements at a couple of churches and workshops at the MASSHOPE 2022.

While the Lightlab workshops went well due to many years of practice, the recent STEM curricula need some editing and testing before I distribute them to a wider audience. It will be worth persevering for the sake of the new generation, and I thank the Lord for His faithfulness so far.

It was definitely a joy to teach these subjects while freely sharing about God as Creator and Redeemer. It was also an encouragement for the students to be able to explore all perspectives concerning Climate Change. Feel free to contact me here if you have questions or would like specific details on the topics listed above.

Lightlab has also been involved with LEAH’s community since the summer of 2021, and we hope that you have learned enough to choose the book as part of your science curriculum for your kids ages 8-12. To learn more, go to, where you will find:

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