Tis the Season…of Love

New Year’s reflections bring love to mind.

The memories that come forth are accomplishments of what was once a hopeful dream, milestones that were once leaps of faith, and repeated traditions that grew in age with slight twists of fresh antics.  Thankfully, there are more good memories than bad, and I believe it is because each day is bound to the next in faith and grace from God and family (immediate and extended).

I am one of the lucky ones whose extended family is large, which means I am blessed with many, many daily prayers.  These prayers are for every corner of my life – from academics to finances to health and overall well-being.  These unprovoked, unspoken, unasked-for petitions on my behalf have been a staple of my life, as are the loved ones I have come to depend on for conversation, encouragement, celebrations of holidays and life, or a competitive game of cards.  It was through their constant kindness toward me that unconditional love was instilled in my heart.  I cannot explain the peace that came from living with family members who brought love and happy memories to every family function.  This was not due to ignorance or naivety about what was going on around them or in the world but rather because of what they chose to set their eyes on: the heart of a person instead of their shortcomings, character flaws, or annoying habits.  That, in a nutshell, is how my very large family shaped me, and this is the model I try to follow in life.

This past week, God called home two of my pillars: on January 1, my aunt on one side, and on January 4, my uncle from the other.  I call them my pillars because they were both 93 years old and both were always willing to share life’s wisdom through kind words or an encouraging nudge, always with the gentleness of faith that spoke volumes in times of trouble. But, most of all, both my aunt and my uncle left an imprint of pure love on me that will stay with me forever.  

In honor of these two who actively pursued love, the 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love, to the fullest, I invite anyone visiting my site:  TisTheSeasonNY.com by January 30, 2023 to receive 14% off any order placed using Promo Code:  LOVE14. I further would appreciate any love and support you could offer in ways of joining and sharing my Facebook and Instagram communities and would be further grateful for all reviews on my Google Profile, as well.

May this year bring you peace, love, and abundant blessings. 


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