From movies to advertisements and maybe even childhood memories, the background of November and December is a picture of glitz, glamour, feasts, and family. As grand as those traditions are to carry on, the true winter season, to most New Yorkers, is a season of coziness among our immediate families. Families choose to either embrace winter activities or adore the scenery from a blanket in front of a fireplace–either way, it’s an experience of simple pleasures. As peaceful and serene as that all sounds, in my house, we’re more like the cheerful Griswolds. Like them, we try to embrace the picturesque season but end up in a season of controlled chaos with a whole lot of praying.

So, what is the hub of the family to do?  Well, celebrate the little things, of course! Between the tenth yell of morning wake-up and my second cup of tea, we make pancakes with the treat of Chocolate Strawberry Jam spread on the golden discs. Or, if we’re just trying to get out the door with two shoes and gloves, we add Salted Caramel Pear to our yogurt to give us the pep in our step or mix Tri-Berry Jam in our oatmeal to give us a warm spot in our bellies.

When the afternoon raises an Algebra frustration or Literature dread, we choose to escape into a Gingerbread Spice retreat and spread the love of Candy Cane Jelly on whatever our hearts desire. As the sun sets in the early hours of the day, we choose to focus our sights on Onion Soup simmering on the stove instead of the darkness outside, and we grab a plate of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies as we settle into a long night of board game duals.

So, whether your winter season is picturesque like Monet or abstract like Picasso, I wish you the very best in finding the “togetherness” that works for you. In the spirit of Love, Joy, and Peace, I am offering free shipping off any order over $35 from November 30th through December 7th with promo code: TOGETHER2021 at Home | Tis the Season (