Tis The Season NY….for Being Thankful.

At Tis The Season, we believe in celebrating each season to its fullest, and although there is a society countdown to a specific event in the near future, we want to focus on the current season of thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection: from the trials you may have endured to the victories you have celebrated, it’s a time of savoring memories as repeated traditions create new ones. I that pray as you prepare for more dormant schedules, you do not miss the true beauty of this season: the golden treasure of unity.  May it be a season of uniting family and friends in your hearts with love and forgiveness, as well as thanking those that serve you daily that you may be taking for granted: a husband who makes sure your tires are full of air and your gas tank is full; the wife that gets up early to make your lunch; the neighbor who pops in to have a cup of coffee; or the in-law who offers the unwanted advice.

As time moves forward, the weeks will be passing by in rapid succession, and before you know it, there will be an all-seeing, global sized stopwatch revolving around the word GIFT.  Giving should not be an obligation or a financial burden.  A gift of any kind should be a generous expression from the heart. A simple note attached to a coffee mug, homemade cookies left in a bag on a neighbor’s doorknob, a bottle of water given to the delivery person, or a simple smile and a kind word can change a person’s day in a few seconds. 

At TisTheSeasonNY.com, we have all kinds of affordable options to use to give as gifts of appreciation to someone you know: soup mixes to give or make and invite someone to dinner; cookie mixes to give or bake and share with a neighbor (gluten-free options, too); a special spice blend or dip to give or make and enjoy with friends for game night; or uniquely designed gifting jars and gift sets are available for someone you simply want to tell, “Thank you for your service.” These are just some of the ways that TisTheSeasonNY.com can help build unity in an affordable loving gesture.  As my “thank you” for letting me a part of your offering of thanks, and for being loyal customers throughout this past year, I am offering you FREE SHIPPING on any order placed between November 8th and November 10th with promo code:  THANKSGIVING.  There will be ongoing exclusive offers and new products being promoted throughout the month of November on my Facebook and Instagram pages too, so make sure you join the community. 


God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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