The Home Educating Father

Join us for a special Facebook livestream event with Douglas Pietersma and Rob Snyder on Tuesday, April 9 at 7pm EST!

The Home Educating Father

Although mothers are typically the primary educators in home education families, fathers do have a role, and it is a crucial one. A father who is active in the home education effort, even if not directly instructing many courses, will substantially contribute to the academic progress of his children. For families who hold a Christian faith tradition, the father’s participation in faith development is biblically mandated, and the benefits of synergistically connecting academic instruction and discipleship effort will likely product exponentially greater results. Dr. Douglas Pietersma and Rob Snyder (President, Homeschool New York) will discuss how this can be practically applied in the home education environment.

Dr. Pietersma is a researcher in the field of home education, a home-educating father, the director of a church-based home education support ministry, and a curriculum writer of home education foreign language courses. His professional work includes being the editor of The Home School Researcher, a peer-reviewed research journal of the National Home Education Research Institute. He oversees the review and revision of submitted manuscripts as well formatting of approved manuscripts for hard copy and online publishing. He is also a research associate with NHERI. Dr. Pietersma’s published dissertation is titled THE LIVED EXPERIENCES OF HOMESCHOOLING FAMILIES AND THE TRANSFERENCE OF FAITH TRADITION: A NARRATIVE EXPLORATION. He is a public speaker and freelance writer, and serves as a mentor for graduate and post-graduate student and dissertation committee member at Regent University.

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