Set Your Student Up for Success with Regent University’s Honors College

Your student wants a rewarding and impactful college experience. Regent can help.

Since its founding in 1978, Regent University has continued to train students to forge paths in industry and ministry. As America’s premier Christian university, Regent has always strived to uphold education that aligns with biblical principles and offers real-world practical use. The continued endeavor to train and raise world-changing Christian leadership led to the founding of the Regent University Honors College in 2020. The Honors College is the place for high-performing students to engage in provocative intellectual courses and apply biblical insight while cultivating an enriching social life.

5 Things That Set Regent’s Honors College Apart

Award-Winning Academics
The integrity carried through generations has afforded Regent to rank among the top national universities (U.S. News & World Report, 2022). Students of the Honors College can explore not only award-winning programs but also experience sophisticated honors curricula based on its unique educational L.I.F.E. model, which speaks to great Learning, Instruction, Faculty, and Expectations.

In the Honors College, your student can expect to be challenged and educated by experienced and caring professors, gain meaningful opportunities to grow in faith and godly character and learn to address real-world problems.

Opportunities for Scholarships
The Honors College hosts Honors Bound: Honors College Interview & Scholarship Competitions throughout the year. During the event, students are interviewed and compete for full and partial scholarships for their schooling at Regent University. The competition allows for students from various economic backgrounds to have a chance to receive a high-value life-changing education.

Reliable Community of Like-Minded Students and Faculty
As a Christ-centered institution, students, faculty, and staff are expected to uphold the statement of faith in the handbook. The Honors College curricula centers around a collaborative environment. Accepted students are part of a select cohort of first-year students who remain together throughout their college experience until degree completion.

Regent invites students from varying walks of life to bring their perspectives into academic and personal discussions. Through vigorous open discussion, students can develop and strengthen their understanding of the world and those who live in it.

Valuable Resources to Help Your Student Get Acclimated
For many students, their experience on-campus is their first time living away from home. It can be stressful and anxiety-inducing to be in a new environment. Regent is prepared with free on-campus counseling with licensed professional counselors and student success coaches to help your student excel. Regent also has community-building groups outside the Honors College, such as weekly life groups, student organizations, athletics, and more.

Mentorship & Research Opportunities
The Honors College offers exceptional opportunities for students to grow personally and professionally. Students of the Honors College:
+ Interact with international leaders in the church, industry, and government.
+ Can apply for travel grants on a competitive basis to volunteer and learn outside Virginia Beach.
+ Compete for fellow positions in the university’s Center for Christian Thought & Action (CCTA). The CCTA features leading scholars and thinkers offering sharp analysis and carefully considered solutions to the challenges of our culture.
+ Receive extensive mentorship opportunities with faculty.

For outstanding students who exhibit teachability, intentionality, and integrative thinking, Regent University’s Honors College will be a stimulating experience they will carry for a lifetime. Apply to the Honors College today.

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