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The Houghton “H” may be the most recognizable symbol of our university. It is unique, attractive and widely visible on campus. Even more important, however, is that its features help to illustrate what makes Houghton such a special living and learning community. These five essential elements of a Houghton experience are present in our residential programs, as well as our early college courses.
Consider them with me:

The archway resembles the door to Houghton’s John and Charles Wesley Chapel. It is a reminder that all that is Houghton is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. For Houghton, the divinely inspired and inerrant Word of God is foundational for everything we are, everything we do, and everything we hope to become. There is no aspect of Houghton not subject to the inspection and correction of the Word of God.

The Houghton student experience is characterized by students’ growth. Over their four years at Houghton, students experience immeasurable development, not only academically, but spiritually and emotionally. Some of the growth students experience happens individually, but much of it happens in the context of our intentional Christ-centered community. Set within a small, Christ-centered residential learning community, students’ Houghton experience includes so much more than just coursework. Living in community with other students, staff and faculty, Highlanders have the unique opportunity to experience worship, prayer, lectures, workshops, performances, art exhibits and athletic competition as part of the total Houghton experience. Much more than entertainment, these experiences push and challenge students in new ways and expand their thinking, all with the aim of equipping students to better understand and live out their purpose.


Generations of Houghton students identify with the University’s mission of preparing and equipping scholar-servants. Houghton’s emphasis on the importance of these two roles and their interconnection in preparing faithful and powerful Kingdom servants continues. As scholars, beginning with and through the lens of orthodox Christianity, Houghton students are actively engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Through engaging and rigorous classroom instruction, laboratory exploration, and hands-on learning experiences, Houghton students receive a world-class Christ-centered education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. Just as with the preceding generations of Houghton graduates, students are extraordinarily well-prepared for the workforce, ministry, and graduate and professional school.

But Houghton’s mission goes beyond just preparing world-class scholars, researchers, leaders and performers. What makes us special is the intentional preparation of students to use their God-given gifts and knowledge and skills they have attained to serve. Our commitment to producing scholar-servants centers on our believe that God has called each of us to lives of service—service to the Church, to our families, to our communities, and to our brothers and sisters.

Finally, Houghton’s commitment to and relentless pursuit of excellence is unquestioned. Whether on the volleyball court or the soccer field, in musical and theatrical performance, in ministry, or in research, we strive for excellence. Different than those who are not in Christ, however, our pursuit of excellence is not for the glory of Houghton or based on a personal desire for praise and acclaim. Instead, our passionate pursuit of excellence is so that our Father in Heaven might be glorified.

Just as you cannot separate any of these individual elements of our logo and preserve the distinctive “H” that has come to represent the University, each of these facets of Houghton is a part of the complete Houghton experience. Whether at our residential campus or online in early college courses, students who choose Houghton receive the preparation for success in careers and graduate and professional school you expect from any reputable college or university. Even more valuable, Houghton students are also nurtured and equipped to lead faithful and fearless Christ-centered lives of service. It is these essential aspects of Houghton—Christ-centered, Community, Growth, Service, and Excellence—that embolden and empower courageous, purpose-driven, lifelong scholar-servants.

I invite you and your student to experience the Houghton difference for yourself through our early college offerings. New courses begin every 8 weeks and all courses are taught by dedicated and experienced educators who integrate their Christian faith with outstanding scholarship. If you are interested, visit Houghton’s website to choose your course, register, and begin earning college credit.

About the Author
Dr. Wayne D. Lewis, Jr is beginning his second year as president of Houghton University. He became the sixth president of Houghton in June 2021 after serving as the inaugural Dean of the School of Education at Belmont University. During his first year at Houghton, Dr. Lewis has emphasized a strong commitment to students and employees. The University has achieved several significant milestones under his leadership—including achieving a new name, Houghton University; streamlining the academic structure; and initiating the development of a future-focused strategic plan. Read more about President Lewis.

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