Lightlab: Meet Faraday & Maxwell

One of my greatest joys over the last decade has been discovering that two of the greatest scientists of all time, Michael Faraday and James Maxwell, were also devout Christians. I have since researched them zealously, sharing my findings with family, friends, students at church, and homeschool co-ops where I teach—as if trying to make up for lost time since my college years, when I found myself in a “tug of war” between faith in God and my love for physics. It is my wish, therefore, to inform you, as well, about these two men whose love for God enhanced, rather than hindered, their understanding of the physical world. Click here to download the full article published in 2018.  

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In awe of our Creator and Redeemer,
Suzanne Shera, M.S.
Author of Lightlab: 

Lightlab explores the nature of light with a Christian perspective.  It is ideal for kids 8-12 years old. Easy to use at home, co-ops and after-school clubs!

“The book of nature which we have to read is written by the finger of God.”  Michael Faraday

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