Lightlab activity is delighted to offer monthly Activity 3: “Beyond Visible Light,” a supplement to Chapters 2 and 3 of Lightlab. It can also be completed independently and is designed for youths in middle school. We explore the invisible rays of the electromagnetic spectrum and learn how matter reacts to them compared to visible light. 

Lightlab consists of twelve lessons that teach about the nature of light with hands-on activities and Bible studies on Jesus as the Light. If you decide to get the book, make sure you check out the helpful workshops that the author offers to facilitate and enhance your experience: 

·      Free Monthly Workshops for teachers

·      Affordable Weekly Forums for the kids 

·      Additional Color Theory classes for older youths

The science supplies needed are offered at cost price if you have the book. 

For more on science and faith, follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts @lightlabetc

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