Legislative Day 2023

Join us in Albany for Homeschool New York’s Legislative Day, May 8-9, 2023!

We will provide training for families with a special track for teens, in-person meetings with legislators, and the opportunity to hear from HSLDA’s Attorney for New York, TJ Schmidt, and our keynote speaker, Zan Tyler!

Every IHIP has a section for Citizenship, and participating in this event with your children is a great way to accomplish that! Please plan to bring the whole family as we present our bills to legislators and represent New York homeschoolers!

Click Here for More Information and to Register!

Monday, May 8 (Training) | Holiday Inn Express – Downtown, 300 Broadway, Albany)

5:30pm Registration Opens
6:00pm Pizza Dinner
6:30pm Keynote Address from Zan Tyler
7:15pm – 10:00pm Teen Track (see below)
7:15pm – 9:00pm Family Track (for Parents and Younger Children)
Gain resources and confidence to advocate for the protection and expansion of your homeschool rights.
Learn how put your homeschool activism to use back home with your local school board and community.
All ages are welcome – and encouraged – from babies to grandparents!
TEEN TRACK (with Generation Joshua)
Sessions include “What Is an Advocate?”, Practicum Prep, Lobbying Practicums, “When Advocacy Writes History,” Planning for Tuesday, Q & A, and Hangout Time!
Tuesday, May 9 (Legislative Day!) | Well of the Legislative Office Building in the Capitol
8:30am Registration Opens, Continental Breakfast Available
8:45am Welcome and Greetings
8:50am Worship
9:00am Keynote Address #2 from Zan Tyler
9:30am Teen Track begins in Conference Room
9:30am TJ Schmidt, HSLDA
9:35am Review of Bills, Position Papers, and Preparation for Meetings
9:50am Head to Meetings!
10:00am – 2:00pm Meetings with Legislators
1:00pm Tour of the Capital
3:30pm Closing (subject to change)

Register for Legislative Day!

Make Your Hotel Reservation.
(Please note: the room options are 1 king bed or 2 queens, not 1 queen as listed.)

What to Expect…

  • Alongside one of our veteran Homeschool Activists, encourage your Senator and Assemblymember to sponsor our pending legislation.
  • If there are any bills we oppose, you’ll have opportunity to explain our position and ask for their opposition.
  • Most legislators know few if any homeschoolers. This is a chance for them to get to know you: real homeschool moms, dads, and kids! 
  • Join larger meetings with key Senators and Assemblymembers on the Education Committees. Their sponsorship is essential to get our bills onto the floor for a vote. The more families in the room, the better!
  • Network with like-minded families from across the state and leave feeling encouraged, equipped, and empowered by our world-class speakers
  • (TEENS) Learn about the legislative process and prepare to present our position papers in small teams. Divide and conquer, visiting every Senator and Assemblymember’s office. After completing your mission, debrief and reflect on God’s providence with your peers.

This effort needs to include not just families from Homeschool New York but also from as many other groups as possible. Please share this information with all homeschoolers in your sphere; we need to stand together boldly in the public square if we hope to protect and advance our freedom to homeschool! 

Please note, we need you to register by April 14th in order for us to arrange your meetings!
Homeschoolers are the smallest but fastest growing educational group in New York, and we must improve our effectiveness in the legislative and regulatory world. That means we need your family and friends to join us! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Albany!

Yours in Christ,
The Legislative Team
Homeschool New York / NYS LEAH

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