Have Fun, Make New Friends, and Gain a Competitive Advantage This Summer

Do you remember the liberating bliss of summer as a grade school student? No school, no responsibilities, just endless hours of summer sun and leisure, or perhaps a summer job for some pocket money and savings. Of course, the summer pastimes of today’s students look quite different from those 20+ years ago, and your child could spend their summer expanding their opportunities for the future!

Houghton University Summer Camps provide the incredible opportunity to develop mind, body, and spirit during a fun week of intentional experiences designed by experts in the field. Your child can:

+ Learn the best techniques from collegiate coaches and athletes in dynamic Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, and Volleyball camps.

+ Work with top-of-the-line band and choir directors in Band and Choir camps that will broaden their horizon and hone their performance skills.

+ Take their equestrian experience and riding skills to the next level as they explore the trails and barns in Houghton’s one of a kind Equestrian camp.

Houghton summer camps offer stayover or day camp options at an affordable price, and this safe and beautiful campus is a wonderful place to spend a week this summer gaining a competitive advantage and making new friends. (Make plans to swing by the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park, after you pick up your camper.) Discover what Houghton University has to offer your homeschool students this summer. Find out more and register when you visit Houghton’s website.

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