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In true NY style, I saw my first robin perched on a tree with a foot of snow on the ground. In spite of the chill in the air and the shovels at the door, the sight brought so much delight to me! I was filled with joy that lasted far longer than that fleeting moment. Although the robin looked displaced, it seemed unphased by the discomfort of winter. I’m not sure about you, but if I was a robin expecting Florida’s climate and finding a NY winter instead, I don’t think I would be thrilled.  Yet, as God’s adopted children, isn’t that exactly how we are supposed to be–content in all circumstances?

The other day, I read a statement that rocked me to my core: “Comparison is the thief of joy AND faith!” Comparison comes in many different forms: perspectives, desires, and passions. Have you ever found yourself displaced like the robin–in a place of unexpected circumstances? Have you allowed the comparison of your expectations to steal your song?

I knew that comparison was the thief of joy, but thief of faith? I never really realized that comparing anything is actually a different version of questioning God’s design for you. It’s unfortunate that I have allowed the thief of comparison to take away so much of my time, especially in my own homeschool journey. How I allowed comparisons to remove the blessings of home education was subtle but evident. I allowed comparisons of space–one family’s school rooms over mine–steal valuable time away from my children simply because I tried to either maximize or simplify our space based on how well it worked for someone else. I allowed comparisons to another child’s intellect or abilities creep into my subconscious and question our educational choices based solely on grade or age. How my eyes have opened to see how much comparison has stolen from me over the years! And, I sincerely do not wish this on anyone else! That is why, this month, I am proposing that we March for Gladness together and leave the Madness in the dust! It is time to celebrate the joys God has put in front of us and not focus on what we expect will bring us joy.

Therefore, I am asking if you will join me in my March for Gladness this month. Come follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram and let me get to know you as you know me through comments, emojis, and the ultimate blessing of building my community through sharing my business with others. If you choose to shop on my website and make a purchase, please allow me to pay for your shipping on any order above $25 with PROMO: GLAD (and don’t forget to add your free Scripture bracelet to all orders!). I hope to see you through one click or another because I want to celebrate what brings me joy and strengthens my faith…but most importantly, I want to do it with friends.

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