We aim to democratize excellence in education. Our flagship offering leverages AI to empower you to write unit plans at the speed of thought. This is for any topic, in any subject, in any grade. This is for educators everywhere, whether you are a conventional schoolteacher instructing dozens of kids, or a homeschooler in a classroom of one.

You may think AI is a gimmick. So did we. We spent eight months building an online marketplace for unit plans, but we failed to source the content for it. We knew that it would be impossible to write all the unit plans ourselves. Only then did we turn to AI for help, and we were amazed at the results. What could an expert educator do with it?

That week, we deleted 40,000 lines of code to focus on AI. We were finally convinced.

AI is imperfect. Occasional inaccuracies are inevitable. However, an imperfect tool can still be an exceptionally useful one in the right hands. AI excels at generating content quickly. An expert can refine that content to meet their exacting standards. It is far easier to critique something that exists than it is to create something from scratch.

As powerful as AI is, it cannot replace a teacher. It cannot replace a parent. It cannot replace you. If you’re excited to explore its potential, then we’re excited to help. We will refine our product as AI matures. We will introduce new features as you ask for them. We will support you as you prepare our children for their future.

That future begins today. Come check us out at!

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