Cedarville University Is Homeschool Friendly!

As you help your student transition from homeschool to college, it is important to choose a university where your investment as a home educator will be celebrated and built upon … not undermined by secular teaching and values! If you want your student to continue to learn in an intentionally Christian setting, Cedarville is that place.

At Cedarville University, your undergraduate student will experience:

And since the cost of college is likely on your mind, you’ll be happy to know that 100% of Cedarville freshmen receive institutional scholarships, with an average aid package of more than $20,000. We will also help you maximize your education benefits, including the GI Bill®, Yellow Ribbon Program, Military Tuition Assistance, financial aid, and more. We’re committed to making a Cedarville education affordable and accessible for families!

When it comes to your student’s spiritual and academic development, every day matters. Choose a university that stands boldly for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Choose Cedarville University! Your student will graduate bolder, wiser, closer to Christ.

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