At TeenPact we are Training Up the Next Generation of Leaders!

TeenPact is now offering Homeschool New York / LEAH members a $25 registration discount with code: LEAH25 

This discount can be used in conjunction with the Early Bird, Military, and / or Ministry discounts!

The TeenPact State Class is a dynamic, hands-on, leadership experience where students learn about state government from a Christian worldview.

Here is what teens are saying about how TeenPact has impacted their lives:

“The TeenPact State Class helped me to realize how easy it is for a young person to make a difference in our state, and how I can be more involved.”

“It’s helped me set priorities in my faith and education.”

“My TeenPact experience was a wake up call to live more for Christ.”

“This week has helped me understand how free we are as homeschoolers and American citizens.”

“I really grew this year at my State Class… I loved prayer walks so much- I could feel God’s presence- It was so powerful. The staffers were amazing! I made good friends. I am so thankful God gave me the opportunity to learn, serve, and grow at TeenPact this year!”

This holiday season, give the gift of TeenPact and make an eternal impact on the life of your teen!

Join us in Albany, NY April 22nd- 26th, 2024

Registration is open and Homeschool New York, Early Bird, Ministry, and Military discounts apply.

Find more information at:

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