“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” Have you ever heard this quote?  This is how I feel when I reflect on my family and my business as one because both are what make my house a home.  Yet, no matter how cozy and blissfully blind I want to be, the world finds its way in with its Jerry Springer level drama of shortages, shrink-flation, inflation, and gas pump irritation.  The world wants to change my days of sunshine and roses into thunderstorms and blackouts.  The world wants me to find comfort in fear of the unknown in all aspects of my life, and yours, and if truth be told, there are days that the world catches me, and I weeble and I wobble, but I do not fall.

I  have many friends that I lean on in times of worry, and they encourage me repeatedly not to worry….don’t worry about which is the right curriculum, don’t worry about if this is the best co-op, don’t worry about if your child is behind in academics, don’t worry….don’t worry…don’t worry…some joke that I am an overthinker, an overachiever, and an overly cautious mama. But, bottom line is this: change, like leaves on the mighty oak, is going to happen, and I cannot stop it (and neither can you).  All the encouragement is uplifting, but the true good news is that we can move with the changing winds while standing tall on the roots of Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25-34 “….you cannot gain a single hour by worrying…” and to paraphrase the entire section, “all we need will be provided.”

How awesome is that?  Ah, the rest that follows through not worrying is freeing! 

So, as you and I prepare our homes for the beginning of another school year, hurdling kid and work schedules simultaneously against the needs of the extras that life is asking of us, may we find rest in the ever-changing lives that God has blessed us with because change happens when worry is removed. 

My testimony is this. As I directed my thoughts and dreams between home, family, and business, I realized that the worry train held different worrisome packages that I was carrying.  Realizing they all affected me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, it made sense they should not be separated and rather be treated as one.  Therefore, I took the worry part of inflation and shortages aside and did a little restructuring of my product line, letting go what I could not provide, and adding what I could pass along to you without being another increased entity to the customers.  I tell you the truth when I say that TisTheSeasonNY.com is about community before it’s about profits.  Therefore, I hope you visit the website, rejoice in the new look, and find the same quality you have come to except from our products. As an advance “thank you” for visiting our site and/or becoming a part of my community on Facebook and/or Instagram, I am offering $5 off any order placed between now and October 15, 2022 using promo code:  WORRYFREE…and don’t forget to request a Scripture bracelet with your order.   

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