Your Faith Matters to Your Family

As I was reading through the story of Noah this morning, I had some interesting thoughts about the importance of a father’s faith and how it can bring blessing and protection to his entire family. Men, our faith matters.

Noah was a righteous man and was considered blameless. So, when God decided to purge the earth of the evil that man had created, He recognized Noah and made plans to save him. However, we see that God ended up saving more than just Noah. He also decided to save Noah’s wife, his sons, and his sons’ wives.

It is interesting that Scripture does not mention that any of these family members were righteous and blameless or walking with God. So why were they spared? Was it because God had to repopulate the earth and needed them for that task? God could have started all over with just Noah and his wife.

Was it because the sons helped their father build the ark and this was their reward? Was it the faith of the sons and their wives that saved them? In Hebrews, it only mentions that it was the faith of Noah that actually saved his entire family from the pain and destruction of the epic flood.

Do not think that I am advocating that a father’s faith can provide eternal salvation for his family. For you see, the ark only saved them from the serious storms of this life and the judgment of God for a period of time. They all eventually died and were accountable to God individually.

However, as men, we can never underestimate the importance that our faith plays in the life of our entire family. The faith and obedience of a father can protect his family from many storms in this life. It can provide that spiritual “hedge of protection” that is wide enough to shelter others.

Men, it is humbling and exciting to know that our faith affects more than just our lives. When we say yes to God and pursue Him, our families are blessed. Let’s not take our role as fathers and spiritual leaders of our families lightly. We can set the tone, provide a covering, and affect generations to come.

The stakes are high, so let’s put our trust in God, circumcise our hearts to the Lord, and live out who we are in Christ.

May we “find favor in the eyes of the Lord” and be called “righteous and blameless among the people” just as Noah was. And may our families be invited onto the ark in times of trouble and turmoil because of our faith.

Eric Jones is a homeschool dad, the Lead Pastor of Evident Life Church in Gilbert, Arizona, and the Director of the East Valley House of Prayer (EVHOP). Eric and his wonderful wife, Velvet, have been married for 20 years and are blessed with one daughter and three sons.

Photo by Brittani Burns on Unsplash

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