REGA Arts Teen Week

Come join REGA Arts for Teen Week: a life-changing musical theatre intensive week in New York City for Christian teens! 

Vocal technique should serve the acting choices, and acting choices should serve the message each individual artist chooses to communicate – the “why” of the song. The exciting aspect of this journey is that the answer to that question is unique to the artist. This intensive week will take each young artist on a journey that begins with inviting the Holy Spirit to reveal His “why” for their song, and teaches each student to maximize their vocal and acting technique to the ends of communicating that answer. In so doing, the student will advance in their craft as a musical theatre performer overall, have refined a song to use for audition or performance purposes, have learned to embrace their own unique gifts and individuality as a valued person and artist, and have performed at a venue in Times Square, NY!

Find how your acting technique, vocal technique, and physical movement all work together to communicate the character and message of your musical theater solo.  Students participating in the REGA Teen Musical Theatre Intensive will receive:

  • one-on-one vocal coaching with an experienced Broadway voice teacher 
  • one-on-one acting coaching with a professional acting teacher 
  • Body lab session with REGA movement expert, Amanda Brewster
  • Talks with special guests from the Broadway community including Walter Russell III (played Young Michael in Broadway’s MJ the Musical; Grammy winner for Fire Shut up in My Bones at the Met Opera); Amanda Jane Cooper (played Glinda in Broadway’s Wicked) and Laura Pietropinto (Director and talent manager with Terrific Talent) 
  • Spiritual coaching and guidance in how to invite the Holy Spirit into the process of shaping one’s artistic journey 
  • Ticket to a Broadway show
  • An opportunity to perform their song at a venue in Times Square

Applications are being accepted through June 16! Visit for details, or to apply!

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