Regulatory and Informational Manual for Home Education in New York State

The newly updated NYS LEAH Regulatory and Informational Manual is available for free!

Download the Manual


For a limited time the printed version of the earlier Regulatory Manual is still available for purchase. Click on the order links below to get yours while supplies last!  This is made available to LEAH members at a 25% discount.

The Regulatory Manual covers the following topics:

  • Loving Education at Home, Inc.
    • What is Loving Education at Home, Inc.?
    • Statement of Faith
  • New York State Regulations On Homeschooling
    • Amendment to the Regulations of the Commissioner
    • Overview of Subjects Required In Instruction
    • Action Steps for Home Instruction
    • Suggestions On How To Comply With The Regulations
    • Questions and Answers from the New York State Education Department
    • Students With Special Educational Needs And Compliance With the Regulations
  • Home School Legal History In New York State
  • New York State Education Law
  • State Education System In New York State
    • The Education Department
    • University of New York State
    • Judicial Districts of New York State
    • Map of The Judicial Districts of New York State
    • The Board of Regents
    • Board of Regents Committee Assignments
  • Home Schooling Resources
    • Writing and Using Your Philosophy of Education
    • The Urgent Need To Restore A Biblical View of Education
  • Sample Forms
    • Individual Home Instruction Plan (I.H.I.P.)
    • Quarterly Report
    • Home Education Worksheet Form (St. Ed. Dept. form)
    • IHIP Page 2 (St. Ed. Dept. form)
  • Home School Legal Defense Association
    • Information and Application