IMG_9475-001What it’s 6:00 pm already!? Your father isn’t supposed to be home for until 6:30!  We’re not ready yet! Dinner’s not ready!  The table is not set! It was just 3:00 pm two minutes ago!  AHHHHHHH! Ok, get a grip! Let’s see…do I have enough leftovers in the refrigerator? Maybe, I’ll just have a salad.  That’ll work. One minute until the garage door goes up, and two until the kitchen door opens…Whoosh! Into to the kitchen, start pulling food out of the fridge, hurling it onto the counter. Plates fly from the cabinet, silverware from the drawer…” Ok! Get ready, everyone big smile and “Hi Honey! Hi Daddy!”

Time, we don’t have enough of it when we need it, or it doesn’t go fast enough when we want it to.  This not about time management skills, how to prepare dinner in less than 5 minutes, delegate chores to siblings, or how to be a more efficient and effective super home school parent. It is about something far more important than that. It is about the very short time we have to teach our children the skills they need to survive in life and bless others with the gifts the Lord has given them.

Over-scheduling, social networking, television, computer games, and many more things take precious time from our children and families. Whether you are homeschooling a child with special needs or not, you must ask yourself, “Am I spending my time as God would have me?”  

Both parents and kids need break time, but we need to look at what we are doing during that time and how, when, where, why we are spending our time as we are. If our children are struggling to read and comprehend and we are not spending enough time effectively teaching them, then they will not be able to read the most important book of all, the Bible, the instruction manual for life! When Jesus returns, we are not going to have a year to get organized and ready. Either we will be ready or we will not, plain and simple. There will be no excuses.

The Bible clearly states the consequences of failing to spend our time as God has directed us to. We need to discern where the Lord would have us spend our time sowing His seeds.  When we teach our children, we prepare them for a life of eternal blessing that touches the lives of people, many of whom we may never meet, but whose lives are ever changed by our children and our actions and words. May God give you the wisdom, guidance, clarity, strength, and perseverance to continue to spread His most precious Word to the world through the education your give your children.

In His Service,

Mary Fratianni
NYS LEAH Special Needs Coordinator