IMG_9485-002Last Tuesday, all of my plans and goals were interrupted in a rather unwelcome way. Like in a slap stick comedy, I was on one end of a bench leaning out over the end and one of our boys was on the other. He stood up. Within a very short time, I went from landing on my head and the back of my neck to strapped on a board in the back of an ambulance on the way to the hospital!

Praise the Lord! Nothing was broken, and there was no internal bleeding. I just jolted my brain. With a couple of weeks of rest, I should be back to normal.

So why would I tell you this story? Because I believe that the Lord interrupts my life to show me things. Over the past week, He has shown me many things. The one that I want to share with you is the “one anothers”.

Rudy, in his welcome blog, talked about the importance of relationships. This last week, we lived out the reality of relationships!

It is so easy in the busyness of home educating to turn your focus inward on your own family, to get caught up in school work and house work. Sometimes it takes a crisis… a God-ordained interruption… to remind us that we need others. And they need us!

Our family needed the love and encouragement that we received from our homeschool family across the state. We can feel the prayers that keep us lifted up before the throne of our Healer and Restorer. We have been blessed by meals and other treats. We realize how much we need others!

When a crisis comes into our lives, we can no longer go on as if we have no issues or struggles. I don’t like that. It frustrates me, but it also forces me to be real. And when I am real, others can open up and be real in return.

In connecting with other moms who reached out to see how I was doing, my injury and recovery has enabled them to open up about their hurts and struggles. I can’t fix it, but I can listen, encourage, and pray. I realize how much others need me!

That is why there are so many “one anothers” in the Bible. Jesus is reminding us how much we need each other!

To those of you who haven’t found the relationships that I have found in NYS LEAH, we need you! Come join us!

Regional Representative- Buffalo/Western NY