IMG_9498-001He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.

Proverbs 18:22


Many of us dads work outside the home, and I know from experience we work very hard. It is nice to come home to a perfect house, well-behaved children, a nice home-cooked dinner, then take off your shoes and relax. Now, wake up guys! (Okay, sometimes this really does happen.)

But have you ever had to be home with the kids all day? Have you ever had to do school, make meals, change the baby’s diapers, answer the occasional phone call, and keep the house clean? It is not easy, so I encourage you to do a hard thing and try it. You will realize that your wife works as hard, or harder than you do.

Recently, I gave my wife the day off. Now before you think I am some super dad/husband, I’m not. I don’t do enough for my wife. The secret is to make a commitment at least a week away. Then it seems so far off that it is really abstract. She was very thankful when I told her what I was going to do, and I hadn’t even done it yet!

Finally the day arrived (my day off) and I would have loved to sleep in. But I didn’t. I let my wife sleep in. I made the kids breakfast, took them to co-op, did some school, and did a house clean up. I gave my wife orders to go ahead and get her hair cut, get those shoes she has needed, and go to lunch.

“Go to lunch?” she asked. “By myself? I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.” I suggested reading a book, but she actually skipped the lunch part, opting instead for some snacks and a new blouse.

I had a blast all day with the kids, but I was tired. My wife came home refreshed (and I hope) blessed. There are many things we can do for our wives, we just need to make the time and effort. Remember, she rarely, if ever, gets a day off.

Just like our children, so are our wives our gifts from the Lord. Guys, how can you bless your wife today?

In His Service,

Regional Representative- Binghamton/Southern Tier