This week I had the privilege and horror of a conversation with an employee.Man Raising Hands in Sunset - (Victory)

This employee proceeded to tell me that I live my life by a book that is 2000 years old and that I needed to ‘Get with the times because things change and that we cannot chose who we fall in love with.

What this conversation did for me was convince me even more that we need to be unapologetic in our faith, and witnessing, and go on the offensive, rather than skating around trying to kill the power play. We also need to be more intentional of preparing our children to be world changers. We need to do this NOW! But it starts at home.

If an employee is so willing to voice her opinion to her boss, how so more easily do you think society is doing this to our children? I know we homeschool our kids, but do you think by doing so you are “protecting”  them? They are being fed this rhetoric in sports, TV, Internet, music, clubs, and even some of the very churches we are members of.

Don’t believe me? Look up the figures on what percentage of the church believe the Bible is still relevant or even absolute. What percentage of children stay in their faith after leaving home? Instead, we idly stand by, like the problem will just take care of itself, and on top of that, we choose to do it from afar justifying it by convincing ourselves that we only need to love our children and cover them in prayer. We depend on the Sunday school teacher or teen group leader to foster our child’s biblical view, or as men, fathers, and husbands, myself included, we depend on our wives to bear the burden of the rest. It’s not their job, it’s yours! It’s mine! Time to Man Up take over the battle to win our families.

I remember watching WWF in the 80-90s, when after weeks of coaxing and taunting, how many “good” guys crossed over to the “bad” side when the managers of the good wrestler neglected him, or turned his back on him. That is what society is doing to our children. Enticing them. And that is what you do to your family when you choose to sit in the stands rather than get in the ring. You are letting the enemy have influence unchecked.

Now is not the time to “tap out” on our families. We need to jump in the cage to defend them, and to defend the faith. No amount of overtime can replace a lost soul. No amount of trophies and accolades can measure up to a life of one victory in our God.

Men, we need to teach our boys to be MEN. Teach our daughters about the type of MAN they would want  to marry.  Not just teach, but usher in side by side into adulthood. Don’t we sing the hymn in church that says “Precious Lord, take my hand” or more currently “Lead me to the cross.” If we need God to lead us, don’t you think our children need us to do the same? Stop blaming your past. Stop using your circumstances as a crutch. Is it work, sports, internet, finances, apathy? What causes you to tap out? Let’s dialogue.

Men, I said this at last years lunch and I want to encourage you again, that now is an apex of time where we need to engage our children and fight for them, fight with them side by side as their captain. I have been praying for you all and realize that this year’s lunch is VERY important to be at. For you. For your wife. For your families. For your God. Now more than ever. Instead of trying to SHIELD our children we need to  ARM them for their own journey into adulthood. I know of a book that is over 2000 years old that can help.

Instead of being MIA, lets be MMA. Men Mentoring Adolescents.

Deut. 3:22 Do not fear them, for the LORD your God is the one fighting for you.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s lunch again. If you have not been to one yet, please come this year. Women, encourage, even plead with your husbands to be there.

In His Service,

Mark DeLeon
Men’s Tool Time Coordinator
Downstate Convention

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