“Liberty on the Line”

Legislative Day
Albany, NY
March 18, 2014

This is sponsored by New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, http://www.nyfrf.org

Supported by Meredith George,Volunteer Coordinator for Parental Rights NYS. http://www.parentalrights.org

“Should we participate in March 18 Legislative Day?”… YES!!!

“Stand together or die separately”   You need only hear the name Troxel and the reference to Nicholson V. Williams along with Price V. NYC Board of Education to get the real sense that NYS Courts believe that Government and Educators have the right to supersede parental rights when they deem it necessary.


Housing and Registration Information:

If you are able to arrive on March 17th … many are staying at Albany Ramada Plaza (http://www.albanyramada.com ).  The cost is $79/room which includes a full breakfast and shuttle to the Convention Center.  ( It cost $20 on average to park at the capital .) The Ramada Plaza Albany has been very generous in allowing more people per room … bring blow up mattress / sleeping bags, towel/wash clothes if more than 3 or 4 per room … be wise in your cost savings … Do not take advantage of their kindness.  For reservations call (518) 438-8431 or see the website.  Mention “New York Families” for the discounted price.  Then make sure you THANK Jason McGuire for heading this up.

As a possible bonus, Jason McGuire is meeting with everyone at the Ramada the night before (March 17) as a PREParation rally.

Registration … go to New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation website www.nyfrf.org.  Click on the Legislative Day March 18 link, which is on the right side of the homepage http://www.nyfrf.org/legislative-day .  READ over the information:

–          Dress Code
–          Teen Track ( Generation Joshua groups are planning on attending)
–          Meals ( Recommend you bring a cooler and save money )
–          Capital Security and parking information.

Then Register.   If you register in groups of 10 then the 11th one goes free.

Cost $40 before March 3rd and $50 per person after.  (Special pricing $25 per clergy or child.)


  1.       Political Action Points:
    1. Contact Senator and Representatives from your local area requesting to meet with them on March 18.  Let them know that you are participating in Legislative Day, “Liberty on the line” sponsored by New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation and that you would like to meet with them.  ( See Resource #1 as a suggested outline when you call their office to make an appointment.)  Be courteous and supportive in you tone … you are both human beings … endowed by The Creator … loved in His sight.  TREAT each other nicely even if there are some issues that you do not agree on.
    2. Know who your local NYS Senator and Representative from your DISTRICT.  If you do not know who they are please see Resource #2.
    3. Go to your local Representatives website … Answer their surveys on a regular basis … Start today.  See Resource #3.


Dear ______________,

I am a resident of _____________ District, a parent, and a homeschooling family with LEAH NYS membership. (Loving Education at Home.  www.LEAH.org )

I will be attending Legislative Day “Liberty on the Line” on March 18.  This event is sponsored by New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation. (NYFRF.org).

As an American Citizen, New Yorker, and member of your District I would like to meet with you or your representative on March 18.

[then take the time they give you … be direct and polite … then say Thank You.]


KNOW who your NYS Senator and NYS Assembly Representatives are.

Go to the following websites and follow the instructions to find yours:

NYS Senator:


NYS Representative (Assembly)


Write this information down.  Names, Addresses, office numbers (both in Albany and your local area ).


Find your local Representatives (Senate or Assembly) website.  There may be a link for the websites mentioned in Resource #2 or you may need to do a web search with their name and title … such as “NYS Assemblyman Sheldon Silver”.

  1.  Answer their surveys … let them know your educated and kind but assertive opinion.   Take time to do this TODAY and check them out periodically.
  2. See what Bills they are sponsoring or supporting … If you agree then let them know.
  3. Look at their contact information from their site … write it down … email, mail, phone numbers.   Call and find out their office hours and best time to reach them.



Michael Bailey
Your Brother-in-Christ


Michael & Carolyn Bailey
LEAH Region 4 Reps
Legislative Liaisons for LEAH NYS
Email: Region-4@nysleah.org