“…So whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”

          I Corinthians 10:31

The above Scripture is a great guide to use to live one’s life.  It means to live life with one single purpose:  To do the Lord’s Will.  This singleness of purpose is also expressed in the Lord’s Prayer:  “Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10).  It can also be seen in the attitude of Jesus Christ while He walked on the earth (Philippians 2:5-11); we are even encouraged to adopt the same attitude.

There are many reasons why one homeschools.  Some homeschool out of  “preference”.  For instance, a family might choose homeschooling because of the social pressures felt by a child at a public school.  Another family might not like the reality of a long school bus ride for their child, so they choose to homeschool.  Homeschooling out of preference can change however as the conditions change.

Others homeschool out of “conviction”.  For the Christian, homeschooling out of conviction is directly tied to the belief that it is Lord’s will to do so.  It is born out of a deep sense that, no matter what happens, we are going try to fulfill what we believe the Lord wants done.

For a Christian, the decision to homeschool should be tied directly to the belief that it is the Lord’s Will.  The conviction to homeschool is needed to persevere during difficult times.

When we started our homeschool journey , we did so because we felt it was what the Lord wanted us to do.  This conviction started slowly and grew as time went by.  While the environment in New York was hostile to homeschoolers at the time, we felt God’s leading to continue to investigate homeschooling .   We attended  a LEAH-sponsored homeschooling seminar, heard inspiring testimonies and teachings, purchased  resources, and became excited to plunge into first grade in the fall.  However a sobering moment came towards the end of the seminar, when the call was made for all the families, who were facing litigation because of their choice to homeschool, to come down to the front for prayer.  A cold chill ran down our backs as we suddenly realized the potential consequences of making this decision to homeschool.  The warm fuzzy feelings of family togetherness vanished, replaced with the stark reality of potential court trials, losing custody of our children, and fines and or even jail time.  Yet despite it all, the conviction to homeschool propelled us to start the next fall.

Homeschooling provides both good and challenging times.  Looking back we are glad we homeschooled out of conviction and not preference.  Furthermore, without a sense of conviction, it is questionable whether or not we would have stuck with homeschooling.

Can you, too, homeschool out of conviction?  Yes…Seek Him to show you how.  It will change your life.

David & Lucy Forrest
LEAH Treasurer