NYS LEAH Legislative Year End Wrap-Up

What have we learned / Events and Activities / What was accomplished / Goals and Outcomes

“Sports / Fair Play” Bill gained key support with 49 bi-partisan sponsors

It was opposed by the NYS Athletic Association director


It took 5 steps to pass

June 13th

  1. Ed committee discharged bill to Rules then voted and moved bill to floor
  2. Calendar #1742 given (means it has gone to the floor for a vote)
  3. Ordered to the Third reading
  4. Passed in Senate
  5. Delivered to the Assembly
  6. Sat in Assembly Ed committee to die an excruciating death … wiggled and screamed as we made phone calls and pleaded our case.

Was not allowed out of committee in Assembly

What will get the chairperson to move this bill out??

  1. Personal interest in it
  2. Key constituents of Catherine Nolan asking
  3. Speaker of the House or Governor asking

What can we do to put the pressure on now and in the spring??

  1. Twitter … get on and follow Tim Tebow … ASK FOR HIM TO SPEAK OUT for NYS Homeschool students having the right to play sports.
  2. Email Tim Tebow and ask him to help … point him toward NYS LEAH and Legislative@NYSLEAH.org
  3. We need more support from 5 boroughs
  4. Local Government statements
    1. Allegany Country legislature memo in support of homeschool playing sports
    2. Take the resolution from Allegany and use this in other Counties
  5. Gain more letters from coaches and School Superintendents

“Equal Access Bill” gained key bi-partisan support

We had to get a new sponsor and moved the bill to Carrie Woerner

  1. Bill PASSED IN SENATE (17 ACTIONS to get it to pass)
    1. May 31 released from Senate Ed. committee for 1st reading and given Calendar #1470
    2. June 4th, 2nd reading, June 5th moved to 3rd reading
  2. June 11th PASSED Senate … sent to Assembly
  3. Sat in Higher Education Committee
  4. June 13th Carrie Woerner meeting with Debra Glick, Chair of Assembly Higher Ed Committee … discussed bias … agreement to analyze bill and come up with recommendations for changes
  5. Bill slated to pass 2019 in Assembly and then Senate … hopeful anticipation

“Home Instruction Bill”

The wording does not match between the Assembly and the Senate…will need work.  Assembly sponsor is essentially holding the bill hostage.  (Does not believe home school students should be able to play sports in spite of a key business man from his home town voicing his desire for homeschool sports freedoms.)

  1. Need to educate Legislators
  2. Continue local support
  3. Give examples of local schools and government supporting homeschool

Legislative Day 2018

  1. Sports bill started with around 38 sponsors, gained 11 … 49
  2. Assembly – 52 + that support Home Education
    1. Found 7 top Assembly members that strongly support home education
    2. If Morelle leaves NYS Assembly … hopeful for Lupardo to become next Majority Leader.

SO THANKFUL for all who came to the capital in April…YOU made a HUGE difference!  Let’s do it again next year!


What is next / Plans and Preparations

July 2019 Legislative Pre-planning Day

Planning fall visits to Legislators

NYC … we have to get into the 5 boroughs

July 16th NYS Board of Regents

September 17th NYS Board of Regents

October 15th NYS Board of Regents

November 5th NYS Board of Regents

December 10th NYS Board of Regents


January 7th Prayer Day at Capital

January 8th meet with sponsors and sponsor of Legislative Day, bills to be turned in and review plan with legislators

January 8th Schedule Capital Tours for April 9th (will try to get 3)

Monday, January 14th NYS Regents Meeting

School Choice Week 2019 January 20-29th (3rd full week of January)

Tuesday, January 15th LEAH representing School Choice @ LOB

Facebook Live Event

Announced in Senate?

February 11th NYS Board of Regents

March 11th NYS Board of Regents

Legislative Team Meeting Pre-Legislative – April 7th at 6pm

April 8th NYS Board of Regents

Legislative Day 2019 April 8 & 9th

Facebook Live event April 8th & 9th

Announced in Assembly … no appointments prior … everybody attends

Capital Tours

May 6th NYS Board of Regents

June 3rd NYS Board of Regents

July 15th NYS Board of Regents

September 9th NYS Board of Regents

October 7th NYS Board of Regents

November 4th NYS Board of Regents

December 9th NYS Board of Regents

(Dates listed above for monthly Board of Regents meetings, will not be attending all.  We will send out a call to action if it becomes necessary/profitable for a group to attend)

The bills we are working on are gaining momentum …it is a tedious and long process.  Thanks again for all your help, prayers, calls, and support.

Your elected officials will be in their home offices for the summer – take advantage of this time to visit them, thank them if they have helped us, and encourage them to support us if they haven’t yet.

In His Service,

Michael and Carolyn Bailey