To those who spend time with me reading this, thank you, and may the Lord Jesus minister grace and blessing to you through my words.

I often tease my husband, Steve, who has a degree in engineering, by saying that as an engineer, his favorite question is “How?” And that as a scientist, my favorite question is “Why?” Steve looks at things, wonders HOW they are put together, and HOW he could improve them. Whereas, I would more likely look at the same things, wonder WHY they exist, and WHY they work the way they do. The Lord uses us to balance each other.

Speaking of WHY?… just last week, I found myself contemplating WHY I frequently take on big projects that stretch me beyond where I am comfortable. Steve and I were putting together a picnic for the families in our region. We were given a vision of bringing homeschooling families together both to help them see that LEAH is what each family makes it… we need every member to participate… and to give them an opportunity to start friendships with families that are not in their local chapter.

I wondered if it would really make a difference to anyone if we had the picnic or not. I had no answer during the planning and preparing, just the vision given to us by the Lord. I had no real answer during the work of hosting the picnic, again just the vision to hold onto. It was only after the picnic, as families were leaving, that the Lord allowed us to see that our work really did matter through different families who stopped to share how much they had enjoyed the day.

I couldn’t help comparing our experience with the picnic to our homeschooling journey.

Steve and I started out because we wanted to build close relationships with our children that would allow us to share our Savior Jesus with them and help them build their lives on a close, personal relationship with Him. We planned and prepared. And we started the daily work of teaching our children at home… and of building those relationships through time together, love, mistakes, asking for and giving forgiveness, laughter, tears…

During the planning and preparing, we see no results. We just have our vision from the Lord to walk towards. Often, in the daily work, we see mixed results. We have good days and bad, successful days and not so successful days. It is at this time that we are at risk of giving in to discouragement, of lifelessly going through the motions of our homeschool day.

I found myself here about 6 years ago. In the routine of daily life, I had lost sight of our vision. The Bible says that without vision, people perish. When I no longer had the Lord’s vision in my daily thoughts, I couldn’t see that what we were doing was making a difference. The one thing that Steve and I did right at this time was seek forgiveness and guidance from Jesus.

Since that time, He has taken us on a journey that we never imagined. He is teaching us about walking by faith towards His vision for our family. We are learning that a vision for our lives is a gift from Jesus… that we need to treasure that vision, to set it before our eyes continuously… that we need to speak God’s promises from His Word that relate to His vision for our lives… we need to grow ourselves so our vision grows.

As we have learned to do this, life has come back into our homeschool journey. We are able to take our eyes off of the false idol of results and keep them fixed on the Giver of the vision and our faithfulness to follow where He leads.

Recently, the Lord has blessed us through words given by our older children letting us know that we have made a difference in their lives. He has also given us the gift of continued close relationships with our adult children. The results are in His loving, capable hands!

My questions to you… How clearly can you see the vision that the Lord has for your family? Are you constantly fueling your passion to follow the Lord as He leads you towards that vision? And are you willing to leave the results in His hands and concentrate on faithfully obeying Him?

May the Lord bless you with the abundant life He promises as you daily choose to follow Him in His vision for your lives!

Catie Perschke
Buffalo-Western NY Region