Happy New Year!  I pray everyone wrapped up 2021 with family, friends, and joyful hearts and that you’re looking forward to what 2022 has in store for you and your families.

I will be quite honest: I wrapped up 2021 with an understanding family as I juggled our traditions against the new responsibilities of a thriving business with grateful customers that blessed me with high reviews and new partnerships with local businesses. My thankfulness is abundantly full, and yet it still is overflowing, as I have spent the last week celebrating life with my family: playing games, watching movies, and bringing in the New Year healthy, full of laughter and love.

As I work at keeping my family connected with each other, there are also new hopes for Tis the Season that I pray will be forthcoming sooner than later. Therefore, I hope you will consider following me on Facebook, Instagram, or at best, check in at my website, TisTheSeasonNY.com, to stay informed on upcoming products and changes. In the meantime, celebrate with me for the blessings already received and those still to come with Promo Code:  REJOICE and receive half off shipping ($4.00 value) until January 31, 2022 as my thanks to you for your encouragement, prayers, and your business. Please do not forget to add your free Scripture bracelet(s) to your orders.