This past fall, the Backus family completed Lightlab, and we all met on Zoom to discuss the chapter of the week. Two of the Backus children had attended a Lightlab co-op two years ago, and their mom, Tiffany, wanted to teach it to the rest of family. Kudos to her! She attended the teacher workshops and found creative ways to teach her kids with grace and perseverance. Trinity and Josiah also worked on an extensive Periscope project. On a gorgeous afternoon before Thanksgiving, the forum took place outdoors with local Lightlab families. We studied a lesson on the rainbow colors combining to form white and our God-given gifts joining to glorify Him (1 Corinthians 12). Another series of FREE Lightlab monthly workshops for teachers and weekly forums for students will begin January 15, 2022. Check to register, and order your book and supplies soon so that you can begin on time. Make sure you ask us to mail free rainbow glasses for every book you purchase!