Our Homeschool New York / NYS LEAH Legislative Day will be an in-person event in Albany on Tuesday, April 26!

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Tentative Schedule:

9 AM – Meeting inside the Capitol with Senator Oberacker (those going inside the Capitol must be vaccinated or have received a negative PCR Covid test within the last 48 hours)
10 AM – Prayer on the Capitol steps
11 AM – Passing out position papers throughout the legislative building
12:30 PM – We may meet in the Concourse Cafeteria near the Capitol to share lunch before we depart. We do not believe there is a mask or vaccine mandate for this public place.
1:30 PM – Capitol tour for those who have met the requirements to enter the building
4 PM – Zoom meeting with the Georgia Legislative Director of the Senate Education Committee pertaining to Senator Mayer sponsoring the Senate version of A9926
*Anyone who would like to volunteer to bring a guitar and lead worship would be greatly appreciated! It might be a little bit of a rainy day, so bring your umbrellas.
**If you cannot attend in person but would like to participate in the Zoom meetings, please email us at Legislative@NYSLEAH.org


There are three main objectives for this year’s Legislative Day:

1. Worship and Prayer

This is the most important part of the event. We will worship our Lord and God, our Creator and Savior, and the One Who guides the hearts of kings like a stream of water! And, we will pray together for our elected officials, state department staff, judiciary, and all who serve and lead in our government. We will pray on the steps of the Capitol, and we’ll pray as we walk around the Capitol buildings.

2. Education and Encouragement for Homeschool Families

This is an opportunity for moms and dads, kids and teens, to learn together about the legislative and regulatory systems here in NY, what bills and issues are of particular concern for homeschoolers, and what we all can do to make an impact!

3. Meeting with Elected Officials

Given the current environment in Albany, most of our meetings will be either via Zoom from the hotel or on the outside steps of the Capitol on the 26th. Entering the Legislative Office Building at this point still requires proof of vaccination or a recent negative Covid test. For our families who are willing to work with that, inside meetings can be arranged. Please keep in mind, our focus is homeschooling, not our various positions on Covid issues.

This is coming together quickly, so we need you to act now and register ASAP! Registering at least before Monday would be greatly appreciated. This way, we can contact you with important updates and send you links to the Zoom meetings. If you register ASAP, we may also have time to help you set up a meeting with your Senator or Assembly Representative. We are asking for $10 per family to help with expenses.

If you can contact your representative directly and set up a meeting for the afternoon of the 26th, that would be excellent!  Please email us at Legislative@NYSLEAH.org and let us know what you have set up!  Below are the links to find your elected officials if you need them.


We are homeschoolers, so of course this is a family-friendly event!  We encourage you to have your children present during the meetings, and your teens will benefit from participating, too!  Every Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) has a section for Citizenship. Participating in this event together with your children is a great way to accomplish that!

Our Christian faith directs our Legislative and Public Policy efforts to protect and expand the freedom of all parents to home educate their children, regardless of whether they are our members or not.  We seek to stand together with all of New York’s homeschoolers in the public square to advocate together for our rights.

Legislative Opportunities:

Letter of Equivalency

We have a new bill (A9926) that will require school districts to provide a letter of substantial equivalence for families who have complied with the homeschool regulations 100.10 for high school!
This is a huge step in the right direction. It’s time to get to work to get cosponsors and a Senate version introduced!!

Sports Bill



We would like Senator John Liu to consider sponsoring S8416 with Senator Oberacker.  He has another sports bill already, but this one will be easier to pass.  Calls to other Democratic members on the Senate Education Committee to help with co-sponsoring bill appreciated.

Senator Liu

Senator Oberacker

Call members on the NYS Senate Education Committee, voice in favor of the Senate bills, and ask for their support on the Education Committee

Call Senator Shelley Mayer and Chief of Staff to ask for their support of the Sports Bill

NYS Education Committee, call in support of Assembly Member Al Stirpe bill A4775, Sports Bill

More to come with position papers and further directions!

Please pray for us as we organize and finalize plans!  If you have any questions, please email us at Legislative@NYSLEAH.org.

Yours in Christ,

The Legislative Team
Homeschool New York / NYS LEAH