NY Senate Bill S4779B: The “without parental consent” STD vaccine bill had been scheduled for a committee vote on Tuesday, February 9. However, the bill was withdrawn from the committee agenda at the last minute when the leadership realized they did not have the votes to pass it. Therefore, for the time being, this bill is tabled (i.e., mostly dead). However, its supporters MAY try to bring it up for another vote later in the session. To keep it dead, opponents of this bill should continue to contact their Senators and Assemblypersons (the companion bill in the Assembly is A6702C), especially if they have not already registered their opposition. Click to access the original S4779B Alert, to read the text of the bill, and for contact information for your legislator.

This turn of events is especially significant in that S4779B would have never been scheduled for a committee vote unless the leadership believed they had the votes to pass it. Therefore, a significant shift in support must have taken place between last Thursday (when the bill would have been placed on the committee agenda) and the following Tuesday. We will likely never know on this side of heaven the extent of the role that LEAH families had in helping turn back this assault on parental rights, but we thank everyone who contacted their legislators for their efforts, and we thank the Lord for preserving our freedom and rights. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

The Cressy Family Case: There have been recent developments in the Cressy case (the family that was arrested for failing to file homeschool paperwork). However, on advice from the Cressy’s counsel, we are withholding comment other than to say that these recent developments have turned out favorably for the Cressy’s. Nevertheless, their criminal trial remains scheduled for March 18th. Please be in prayer for a favorable conclusion to this entire affair, that God will be shown strong and that His glory will be made manifest.

A number of people have asked what they can do (indeed, some people have thoughtfully suggested that homeschoolers show up in mass at their trial to show their support for the Cressy’s; while others, in their understandable outrage, have contacted the authorities involved with less-than-kind messages). It is suggested that you simply obey the words of our Lord to “Love your enemies; pray for those who persecute you”. The Cressy defense counsel (which includes HSLDA) strongly believes that keeping this affair at a low profile will best serve the Cressy’s in the courtroom, which is where the case will be resolved. When all is concluded, the facts of the case will be made known, and then perhaps additional actions will then be in order to try to protect other families from similar experiences in the future.

The Tolan Family Case: There have been no new legal developments in the Tolan case. However, the family has been told by CPS to expect a summons in the mail any day now from Family Court. The recent blizzards in Virginia have made it challenging for HSLDA to maintain interaction with the Tolan’s, adding much stress to an already very stressful time for this family. Please continue to pray for this family and for HSLDA (and its ability to pull things together in spite of the snow paralysis in Virginia).

Click to access the original alert about the Cressy’s, the Tolan’s, and an increasingly hostile homeschool environment in New York.