New York State Loving Education at Home (LEAH) is pleased to announce that TAP will be given to all eligible home instructed students who have met ONE of the following requirements:

  •  obtain a letter from local school district officials confirming that the student has received an education “substantially equivalent” to instruction given to students graduating high school in the public schools;

  • take and pass the GED test; or

  • achieve a satisfactory score on an ability-to-benefit test approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

 Please make a copy of the memo (click here to open) from NYS Deputy Commissioner, John L. D’Agati, and keep it for your files and for sharing with anyone at a SUNY or a CUNY college that might question your eligibility to receive TAP.
And please take a moment in prayer to thank Our Lord for granting home school students favor in the eyes of the SED on this issue, and for blessing all the time and effort our volunteer Legislative Liaisons, Michael and Carolyn Bailey, have spent on this and so many other issues!

Respectfully yours,
Rev. Rudy & Elizabeth Hugo
President NYS LEAH