Ironically, the more homeschooling becomes a choice that more people make, the opposition grows too. In early spring, we notified our followers of the Harvard Homeschool Summit that would be held on June 18, sponsored by the Harvard school of law. It featured law professors, and representatives of other organizations, all who want to see tighter restrictions and more oversight for homeschooling parents-yes even in NY! There has been a tremendous amount of pushback against this one-sided,  “invitation only” event. By now, one only needs to do a casual search to find the myriad articles, editorials, and Facebook posts decrying this governmental authoritarian approach to education and parenting. (here, here, here and here just for starters) As of May 1, this event was postponed due to the pandemic, but we know that this will not be the end of these kinds of threats to homeschooling freedom. HomeschoolNewYork / LEAH has been aware of the organizers of this summit, and others attached to it for a long time. In fact, one of the Summit’s participants, a certain coalition that claims to be in favor of responsible home education, is now using a survey to gather statistics on homeschoolers under the guise of providing resources. Of course they are doing it at a time when the lines are blurred between who was already a homeschooler, and who is overseeing home instruction while schools are closed nationwide. To use information from a survey of people who would not have identified as homeschoolers just a few weeks ago muddies the waters, and may end up making it look like homeschooling isn’t working, or is too hard to do correctly, because the answers are based on people’s reactions to overseeing their children’s education during a national health crisis. We strongly discourage your participation in this survey.

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